RW Subscribers - what was the last issue you had?

It seems to have been a long time since I got a new RW, and when they arrive they are usually dated a couple of months in advance. However it seems to have been ages since I got one, and my last (current) issue is the June issue. Have I missed one?

Just wondered before i call them up to check I'm still subscribed



  • I've got july's here. think that's the last one but I've had it a while so would expect another one soon.

    little bit annoyed to see it in the shops with a free box of smint but not get the freebie in the post

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    July it came about 2 weeks ago. Check for some reason your subscription hasn't ended, failing that i'd say it's been lost in the post.

  • I had an issue with my daughter this-morning.

  • Thought I'd replied, but obviously not! Thanks for your replies - i need to phone them and see whare it is / if I'm going to get any more!

    Snap - image

  • Just rung the subscriptions helpline, expalined what had happened. My subscription is all still okay, Juy's issue must have got lost in the post so they're sending me out another one. Result! 

  • You could just dig out last July's issue and read peobably hasn't changes image

  • I gave up on the subscription - it really is the same most issues, only the adverts change. But how much can you possibly say about somethign as simple as runing? Nice of them to provide this web site though.

  • I gather there was an article on how to speed up your 5K and 10K times. Really wanted to read it, as that's what I'm working on at the moment!

  • December was my last one, when I realised I'd seen the same guff for 24 months in a row..

  • I am not saying anything about the same articles, month after month, just different titles.

  • Ah - thank you booktrunk!


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