North Wales Half Marathon 2014

Hi, anyone else planning to run the North Wales Half this year?


  • Have you Got a link?

    where is it and when?

  • do you mean wrexham or the snowdonia one?

  • The one from Conway along the beach, up a mountain and back to the beach. Sorry, the header should 2013 not 14. The link is:          Not done it before but signed up for August. Really enjoyed the Snowdonia Half and was very impressed with the organisation.

  • i was going to do this one as as it looks tough but to close to the HIM for me - maybe next year though.

    Def fancy the snowdonia one where you get two medals

  • 2 medals, why?

  • you get one if you run up a stupidity large hill after 5 miles (ish) the hill is 1.5 miles long.

    everyone likes bling!

  • Did the Snowdonia Half and proud to say I got the two medals. 'the hill' was tough but a huge sense of achievement for running all the way up. Just glad it was near the start. It is a fantastic race and certainly top of my list to date. Will definately be doing it again next year. Stunning.


  • I did the Conwy Half last year. The route takes you up the great orme. About 1.5 miles to 2 miles of a steep hill. Great views is about the only positive thing I can say about the hill. But once you are at the top it's about a mile downhill. Good course though. Enjoyed the run.  

  • yeah i did the conway half last year - the orme almost killed me!

  • Wondered about that myself but opted for NWH this time around. The date for Conway didn't suit. Have been up the Orme many times but always walking, or on the railway. Quite fancy trying to run it. 

    I understand there is a small mountain on the NWH (Conway mountain??) but don't know any details about it. Anyone?

  • i heard the beach to mountain one was supposed to be tough.

  • Suits me. I am looking for challenges this year image

  • Hi im doing the north wales half in a couple of weeks, looks like a beaut!

    12 noon start might be a bit warm if this weather keeps up.

    Anyone going from Bickley / Mynydd Isa?

  • Hi I've signed up for this race (2013) anyone else entered ?

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