Anyone else had a perfect day?

I've been dreading today the whole week. Ever since my boss asked me to switch to a later shift for today. 

My work is quite a walk from my house and the shift change would mean i couldn't get my usual lift to work I would have to get the bus. I would then have to get a cab home as the buses barely run at 8.30 at night round my work. So I made the decision to run home from work and save £7.50

So the big day came this morning. I had a 3 hour extra lie in (I normally wake up at 5 but got out of bed at 8) When I left for work I got 5 minutes from my house and saw one of my works lorries a making  delivery so i ran over and got his attention. He then gave me a lift to work saving me £2.50 and an extra 30 minute ride on a bus.

i got to work and started at 10. i was sorting out some parts and there was a vending machine 5 feet away. I looked over and i saw something in the tray. I went over and found a can of Diet Coke still there and no one around so I got a free can of coke. 

Skip ahead work had gone well finished at 8.15. slipped into my running gear and put my clothes in  my locker to pick up monday. I then ran home from work and low and behold the 5-6 mile journey was less than 5 and i was only 10 seconds a kilometre off of sundays 10k race pace. And to top it all off it started drizzling at the bottom of my road so i didn't get wet image. Now all I need is my euromillions ticket to win lol


  • Oh and p.s. has anyone else had a good day and why?

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I've caught a spider and I'm going to train it to catch all these damn fies that are annoying me.

    Apart from that I said sod it to running and did some brick laying instead. I feel better for saying no.

  • well that saves having to go to the gym to do weights image

  • Saturday was a perfect day for me.  I didn't enjoy every bit of it but I learnt a lot from the tough bits and have come out of it with an increased level of trust in a friend, a lot more confidence in my ability and ffeeling much more organised.

  • Oh it's such a perfect day...

  • Sunday was my perfect day. Picnic in the park with OH and kids followed by picnic number two on a sunny Sussex beach. Perfect. Lazy dys and ice creams. Plus a swim in the sea.

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