Dubai marathon 2014

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Hi, looking at a few ideas for a marathon early next year, anyone run Dubai?

never been so would like to combine with a holiday, anyone done it and recommend it?




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    not done it, but I'm thinking about it too image 

  • I did Dubai this year.

    I combined a 3 day mini break with the Marathon.

    It is highly recommended!  I arrived in on the Tuesday night. Got up at 5am after a few hours sleep to go running.. Did 10k or so to get into the time zone/eating early etc.

    That day, went to pick up the number from a hotel; great atmosphere, sharing a lift with the Ethiopian elites! 

    The next morning, started the day early again and ran a few miles with some strides.

    we went out for a full day trip to the East Coast... Ate some great food on a beach, the came back for an early night.

    didnt pan out..the hotel was a nightmare; the room was above a nightclub.

    didnt get any up at 4am after a max of 2 hrs sleep..I was really worried I might die as never run a marathon before and I felt seriously sleep-deprived after 3 bad nights and the time difference.

    The atmosphere sat the race was amazing..fog kept the temperatures down ( 15 degrees at start).. 

  • The race was great; flat as a pancake.. Was great for concentrating on pace..

    This was my first marathon so unsure about how I would feel. Took it easy for the first 32k only after then I started to increase the pace.

    Finished in 2:57, felt I could have gone a lot quicker..

    Was a good race... Not too many people, but great support along the course.

    If you haven't been to Dubai before; it's worth a visit, even if just to be awed by man's architectural achievements.


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    thanks Tim, good info! 

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    Cheers, really helpful.

  • Anyone signing up for 2015?

  • I'm in for 2015.

    How good was the 2014 medal?!

  • A general open question to all!

    The Dubai Marathon has been won in very quick times the last 3 years... with 5 people sub 2:05.00 in 2013, which was first time ever in history I believe.

    Do you think we will see a sub 2:04.00 in 2015?

    Is it a World Record course?

  • That's what Dubai wants, another world record. Can't remember exactly but there's a serious amount of $$$$ for the record.

  • For sure Dubai wants it! 

    Surely a sub 2hr4.00 is possible in 2015?!

    It seems to be a course that is getting quicker every year... maybe it could eventually attract faster athletes and be quicker than Berlin.


  • The course has been changed to get the record, it's boring along the beach road with only two turns and no elevation.

  • I believe they modified the course prior to last years marathon ? 

    I'm not sure if they are due to make further modifications before the 2015 start.

    Has to be one of the flattest along with Rotterdam. I don't think they will get the record unless they can pull in the top Kenyans as well.

  • I see bakeile is racing so could get interesting world record wise. 

  • I'm running this one too. Dubai definitely wants the WR and they'll put $1m in the pocket of whoever achieve this.

    I'm a plodder hoping to scrape under 4hrs for 2 reasons - 1/ my first 2 attempts blew up so I'm hoping the flat course will help and 2/ the 4km run starts at 11am and I don't fancy getting caught up n all that

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