Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon

Hi Guys

I need some advice. I have completed 2 Half Marathons so far, my first one 2.04 my second one 2.02.

I am desperate for a sub 2 hour on my next one in July. Can any one tell me what minute miles I need to be doing to succeed on this?



  • Just do the number of minutes divided by length of the race. In your case..119 (being 1 minute under two hours) divided by 13.1 = 9.08    

    If your desperate to get a sub 2 hour. Do some speed work for several miles, and also some longer slower distances to get your endurance. Your body needs to be able to work hard as well as go the distance.

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    If you are desperate to go under 2 then as I tip I'd suggest timing yourself with a normal stopwatch and knowing your mile splits for each mile marker. I've known some people trust their Garmin and as the clock ticks over 2hrs they still have a few hundred yards to go.
  • I would work on your speed. Get your 5K time better, and your 10K. You have the stamina from your previous half marathons. Do you already do a fair bit of speed work?

  • Not really any speed work involved or hill work. To be honest my first I ran it only ever covered 8 miles once before I done it, then the 2nd half marathon was 3 wks later and had only ran 5k since the previous one. I am introducing hill work once a wk & will have to start speed work I guess x

  • the 5k suggestion is a great one.. I was a 2:00 - 2:10 half marathoner but was only training distance. I started running the free Saturday Parkrun 5k at Richmond and, because it is short and you'r running against others, you naturally run faster and 5k time improves.

    A few months later I did the Half in 1:48 at Henley and 1:46 in Amsterdam a week later. It works.

  • 5k races it is then image thank you

  • And run over race distance. You need to be happy running 13 miles.
  • Pace bands work for me... just search the net for 'half marathon pace bands' or similar - type in the finish time you're aiming for, and it works out the mile or km splits for you! Then you just laminate it with sellotape and wear it next to your watch. I find it saves a lot of mental gymnastics when I'm not really up to it. It really does save you from going off too fast as well

  • oooo, that looks good, might use it for my next race image

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