Mon 24th November


What: swim training first thing; poss. hill reps later.
Why: pool opens in 45 mins, and can't make club session tonight so need to do some penance on my own.
Last hard: Fri
Rest: Sat

Stickless, many congrats on your family relay and thank you for great report.


  • Morning all,

    What: 8M pm nice & steady
    Why: Training for City Pier City

    Last hard: Tue
    Last rest: 7 days

    Have fun!
  • Morning all,

    what : probably 6-7m later on
    why : club night
    last hard : X-country yesterday
    last rest : sat

    lyrics are definately Catatonia. Not sure about the track, but think it is Road Rage.

    Tip - Dont expect to run well in a cross country race after spending all previous day on the ale. I blame the England rugby team for that.
  • Morning

    What - 4 easy am with strides (done), pm 10 miles steady

    Why - easy week

    Last hard - Sunday

    Last rest - 31 days.
  • Morning,

    why:it's what I do Monday's
    last hard:one day last week
    last rest:yesterday

    Have a good day all!
  • Stickless well done on a great effort yesterday. Hope you all enjoyed your wine!!

    Oh, forgot to say well done to Mrs TT yesterday too!
  • Morning,

    What: Steady 45mins club run.
    Why: Managed 12mins fast on Saturday and 90mins of footy Sunday with no knee pain. See how it handles tonight.
  • G'mornin all

    What: Rest day
    Why: scheduled
    Last hard: I guess last saturday
    Last rest: Last Thursday
  • Hello all, yes, wine supply has been significantly reduced, all boys got back to their destinations safely, husband more than somewhat lame though (Achilles, again/still). Thanks for all your good wishes.

    What: reclining on laurels I think. Seriously though, I shall use this week as an experiment week, I hope, if I can get the local phlebotomist to cooperate (get antibodies checked at the end of the week) as I am seeing hospital docs anyway.

    No major running ambitions til at least after Christmas, so it's a good time to see what happens if...

  • It's Monday and back to work again :-S

    What: nothing- resting today
    Why: cos i deserve it! done 25 miles in the last 3 days and only just thawed out from yesterday.

    Last rest: Thurs
    Last hard: Saturday

    At least the rain has stopped for those of you who're out there today :-)

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Hi all,

    Back to work after a long weekend catching up with people we met on holiday in Namibia this summer.

    What: 3 miles easy.
    Why: Haven't run since Friday as I needed a rest after ramping up the mileage a bit too quickly. Will take the build up more cautiously from now on as I just get too tired otherwise. Had planned to run when we got home last night, but due to horrendous weather and delays it got binned.
    Last hard: A week ago.
    Last rest: Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!

    Have a good day all.
  • Morning all,

    What: 9 miles done, 5 at lunchtime and 13 tonight
    Why: weight loss and aerobic base building
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: 19 days

    Have a good one
  • Morning all,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Yesterday ended up doing 8 miles at a nice relaxed pace. Didn't go out until it was almost dark, which turned out to be a good decision as it had finally stopped raining by then...

    Today: 5 or 6 miles slow
    Why: building up the mileage, no fast running until Jan
    Last hard: Wed (Stevenage 5k)
    Last rest: Thursday

    Haven't caught up on the weekend's news yet, but congrats to anyone who had a good race on Sunday.

  • Stangely Noah seems out of a job here at the moment.

    Loved the report yesterday Stickless, a day to treasure, well done. Well done also to TT (wow) and also Mrs TT. You get up specially to post this morning Laura, hope the lyrics apply.

    What: 6 or so miles steady or rest.
    Why : good question
    last hard : ?
    last rest : Fri

    Must decide on a spring HM and plan training accordingly or I'll drift...
  • Me again.

    Fantastic race report yesterday from Stickless - sounds like a crazy race, especially in that weather. But a very impressive triumph for the clan.

    Hilly, glad to hear you enjoyed the Level 1 so much. I'm doing mine this Saturday, sounds like it could be a better day than I was expecting!
  • Morning all.

    Sounds as if your level 1 was enjoyable Hilly, glad you had a good day, would love to do something like that!

    Feeling really good this morning, have done 2hrs of solid training, and still feel as if I could do some more, but must sleep!

    What: 2000m row, Total body resistance workout with weights, core/abs workout, back ext, 150 push ups, 5k run with hard intervals.

    Why: Part of new programme

    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Last Hard: Todays 5k

    Back later.

  • Morning

    Congratulations on 2t & wife plus others at the weekend.

    What - early 4 miles steady done, lovely crisp morning here, also did 4.2 miles at just over 7's late last night to add to the 9.4 steady plus bike earlier in the day. Will be doing a 25 mile night ride on the bike this evening weather permitting.
    Why - Trying to keep the cycling going and get back into the running - I think I'll have to stop visiting the forum to fit it all in!
  • morning all

    what: nothing
    why: scheduled rest day

    last hard day: Fri
    last rest day: last Mon

    nasty raw damp day in prospect here, so looks like I've picked a good day not to run :-)
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Oooh - I know those lyrics from somewhere ...

    Stickless - will be off to read your race report in a minute.

    Beautful day today ... white mountains, pink clouds, blue sky, sun rising, temperature a nice 0 degrees, no wind.

    What: 5 miles steady with strides
    Why: recovery run after a fantastic 15 miler yesterday, off road in horrible weather and I had a huge hangover, so picked the hilliest route imaginable to purge myself. But managed it in just under 2 hours, so quite pleased with myself. Reason for hangover? Ah, expats rugby party.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest; Nine days ago
  • <with strong fake aussie accent>

    "Lizzy, you doan wanna be going without strides, guys might get the wrong idea"
  • Morning All

    It sounds like everybody is having a good time

    What: 10 miles steady
    why: mileage building

    have a good day everybody
  • morning

    What: 40 minute run at lunch and gym tonight.

    Why: Did nothing all weekend
  • Morning,

    what: am 5m, pm 6m
    why: building mileage
    last hard: Thursday
    last rest: Friday

    Have a good one.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    sfh legs - without strides? I'd freeze!

    Stickless - just read your fantastic report - sounds like a wonderful, memorable, happy day. And it is always good to win wine!
  • Afternoon all...

    What - 7 mile easy run
    Why - Standard early morning run
    Last rest - Yesterday (unless reading every sports supplement going counts as exercise)

    Really pleased to make myself get out of bed in the dark and run (have not managed much mornng running since the mornings got dark)

    Will get back to previous mileages in this way..

    Ho hum
  • Afternoon

    what - interval session in gym
    why - haven't been for a while and fancied a change
    last rest - saturday, big fuzzy beer rest which made yesterdays long run in the rain very hard indeed!

    good running all!
  • 5-6m later (BT)

    Went out late yesterday and missed the rain did 10m just enough to give me another 50 mile week!

    Last rest 8 days

  • goodness I don't think i've even had a fifty mile month yet! well done bod!
  • Ellow!

    Hope you all had a spiffing weekend chaps!

    What: Noffin/ eating
    Why: hungry & busy week ahead plus slightly snivelly after yestdies run
    Last rest: Saturday
    Last Hard: Yesdie, 9 miles very hilly in pouring rain, cold and mud... Brrrr! I must bonkers.

    Ta da...
  • Afternoon all.

    After a weekend of what (in the interest of accuracy) I should probably describe as debauchery, I feel the need for at least a gentle sesh today (Monday is usually rest day to keep me fresh for club night). So, five or six, somewhere nice.

    Hope your weekends went well, and enjoy today.
  • Can I ask what shoes you lot wear? I'm currently training in the latest Skylons but I thought I'd get a second pair for those days when your shoes get wet running in Winter weather. I don't want to get another pair of Skylons as I lose toe nails with this latest model (the previous skylon the fit was fine) and anyway I like to try new things!

    Birdypie, just wait, a couple of months posting on here and you'll soon be knocking out 50 miles weeks and still think you are slacking!
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