Mon 24th November



  • Mike S; re: sleet and snow, perish the thought, (and other parts!)

    BT; nothing like a good run/race to give you a real high !!
    Pammie; agree with BT. A 3:1 rato is a weel recognised training programme. Don't use it myself as tend to train as I feel rather than following a defined schedule.
  • Just back from 25 miles on the bike - not sure whether to post this in today or tomorrow! It's a bit chilly out.
  • Jane - with the cross country I think that some of the better standard female races are quite short and probably suit track runners. I am doing a p/t course and one of the women on that runs xc for England and she is really a 1500 metre runner. THe lower the standard of XC the tougher and longer the courses tend to be - round here at least - I think these tend to suit road runners more. Personally I think they should be tough - otherwise it isn't that much different to road or track.
  • Glad to see another Skylon wearer speedie, yes I don't get any pain in them either - it's just my big toenails end up falling off! I think I'll go down Derby Runner tomorrow and see what they have.

    Glad to see you are back in the swing of things Laura - hill reps - I'll have to try and get my club to do some of them.

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