Malvern Half-Marathon

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Anyone running this one next Sunday, it's my first half since February due to illness so looking forward to it.


  • May do- unsure yet - its a niggling little course to it

  • Registered yesterday. I am not sure how I'll run. All the books say that you need a few weeks gap between races. I ran the Cross Bay Challenge last Sunday in a PB of two hours one minute. As the race is on my doorstep (Worcester), I might as well have a go at breaking the two hour mark, and then it'll be back to running shorter distances.

  • Ok, go well hydrated, footwear comphy, anti chaffer if neccessary such as vaseline- take early miles steady and hopefully build on it -

    good luck and ENJOY


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    I think you forgot to mention the umbrella Mick image

  • I'm doing this one. Currently training for a September Marathon and am hoping to finally break 2 hours. My 5 and 10K times suggest this should be an easy target for me but for some reason I've never managed it before. I'd say I'm probably in the best shape I've been in since I started running a few years ago so let's hope this is the one! Just hope this horrible stifling air clears as my hayfever has been terrible last few days and it's affecting my breathing.

  • yep, doing this tomorrow. I'm aiming for a PB and to break 1.30, but not sure a course that's uphill second half, and a windy day, will make this possible. Going to have to go out quick as it's downhill first half, and put a few seconds in the bank for the second half. We'll see.

  • Did it! That potholed track through a field (into a gale) from 10.5 to 11.5 has no place in a decent race, but otherwise it seemed a decent course, not that I had time to stop and look. Plenty of stewards, but needed it, as quite a bit of traffic on the course. Had to go out quick having looked at the course profile, and just about got enough in the tank to come home sub-1.30. Chuffed.

  • Yep, I did it as well. PB of one hour 57 minutes. Pleased with time. I went too fast early on. 50 minutes for the first 10k was never part of my plan. Unfortunately I paid the price later. I agree about the potholed track. Plenty of spectators encouraging you on, which was good to see. A bit windy, but at least the rain held off.

  • nice one, good to see PBs on not the easiest course (not the toughest either). well done

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    I was very pleased with my 1:39.  Totally agree about the potholed track, really sapped the strength out my legs, well that and the gale force wind that was hitting me in the face at that point.  Shame they couldn't find some extra yards earlier in the race so they didn't have to send you past the entrance to the final section.  Saying that they did manage to avoid the hills.  Nice day out and it didn't rain. 

  • Got under my two hour target with a nine minute PB so I'm happy. Went out too fast yet again and suffered a bit in the middle of the race but I managed to hold on, although it wasn't easy. 

    I wasn't too bothered by the track, but I run a lot off road and on crappy surfaces anyway so I suppose I'm used to it. It was the wind on that section that made life tricky.

    Well done to everyone else on their times.

  • Well done guys who ran and completed and also managed a PB. I wanted a PB but I was 35 seconds off my PB time, when I realised that then I tried to focus on a top ten instead, but the 3 guys in front of me where too quick, finished 11th in the end. 

    The event itself is great, the crappy cracked road in mile 10 slows you down a lot especially with a head wind, but can't complain much when there are other very slow, tough hilly courses.

    Can't wait for next year!

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