Jog Shop Jog 20

Entries on the day: no

Entries in advance:no

So how are you supposed to enter then???? Ok, obviously a misprint & entries in advance are certainly available.

A great warm up for a late autumn/early winter marathon and a very challenging course where the hills really do live up to their names. Well worth giving this one a try - especially also if you couldn't get into the Beachy Head marathon.


  • I can't find any information on this run on their own website which seems strange, am I looknig in the wrong place?

  • [disclaimer, I used to work for Jog Shop!]

    Sam's not great at putting things on the website.. but it's well worth giving him a call if you want more information about the race 01273 675 717. 

    You can also get quite a lot of useful information at this site, though the dates and prices haven't been updated:

    See you at the race,I'm hoping to be marshalling. Wish I was running it but I can't quite conquer all those hills over the full 20 miles. It's a toughie but the scenery is spectacularly beautiful. One of these years I'll make it to the start line...

    PS fairly sure you can enter on the day, but check with Sam? If I go in or speak to him before the race I'll post on here.

  • update from Sam - yes there are entries on the day at £20 (come before 8.30am though please!) - and the website has been updated with the proper prices and dates.

  • Yes but you still cannot enter on-line or am I missing something?
  • You can enter on the day. 

  • btw this one is well worth the effort of entering and great value. Highly recommended

  • Annjo - you must give it a go one year. I didn't finish the first year as I got lost just before the Big W. I finally did it a couple if years a go completing the full course in last place. Had great support for the sweeper on his bike.

  • Was that your wedding photo I saw in RW Tracey???

  • It was a brilliant race I hope this isn't the last one and/or someone else picks it up. A really good course with fabulous views.

    thank you to all the organisers

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