Advice for half marathon training

I've started running again (after a 25 year break!) as cross-training, with a more experienced runner from my squash club. I've really got the bug and we're planning a few half marathons this year. We're running once a week and have done the following so far (miles): 7, 6, 9, 9, 9, 4, 10.

We're running 9-10 minute miles. Cardio-wise, I feel I could run all day (hr about 130bpm), but the top outside of the thighs are sore and making me hobble for 3 or 4 days after a run. On the 10 miler, my left shin was sore for the first few miles, then the right thigh for the last 3 miles. The thighs feel bruised still after 3 days. 

Is this normal for early training or do I need to change or work on something? Any advice or good books to read would be appreciated!

For info, I'm not overweight and had running shoes properly fitted for gait, etc.




  • My thighs ache from running too. I bought a foam roller and that helps a bit. 

    From other people on here Quad pain is unfortunately normal. 

  • Probably all `normal`. Really you do need to run more often so that your body adapts. Shorter mid-week runs would be ideal otherwise the shock of doing a 10 at the weekend can take your body a while to recover from. A short plod a day or 2 after a long plod should actually help.

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