The Ashridge Half Marathon

As my first ever half marathon I enjoyed the run this morning.  There were plenty of marshals and water stops.  I could print my chip timing result at the end which was a bonus.  I think off road running will take some time for me to get used to but the course wasn't too bad.  A bit boggy in places but on the whole nothing more than gently undulating, nothing I would call a hill at all.  Beautiful countryside and lovely woods to run through made it much prettier than my usual road running.  A lovely welcome at the finish line, and a decent medal (it's all about the medal!).  Not a lot of runners though, I think many were deterred by the sponsorship pledge but hopefully Iain Rennie will take the feedback on board and think about it for next year.  Only thing I would have liked would have been some mile markers, there weren't any at all.  I believe it's the first one they have done so my novice point of view is well done Iain Rennie.


  • I looked at doing this as it was relatively local and the course does look great, but I have no interest in raising £100 sponsorship in order to run. In all honesty as a fund raising strategy it seems very shortsighted. £17 entry including a medal and a tee shirt, why not just up the entry fee a little and drop the tee or medal in order to make more money from the entry fees?

  • I agree and that is the feedback they have had from many.  Hopefully they will rethink it for next year.

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