Running too slow?

I,m taking two hours to run 11 miles. I feel good to be able to this but is this too embarrassing to post on here?


  • If it makes you feel good it really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks.

  • agree with Screampillar, you are out running what does it matter if you take an hour or two.  You are out and enjoying it rather then sitting on the sofa.

  • It seems fine to me, plenty on here faster, but plenty slower too.

  • I really wouldn't worry about the 2 hours, instead be delighted and proud of the 11 miles.

    As Daeve said, someone will always be faster than you and someone will always be slower. Enjoy the running and post on here!

  • Thank you all!  

  • If it makes you feel better samsunguser it takes me 2 hours to 'run' 10 miles, like the others have said, yes, there are faster but plenty slower and many (many) more that will never run for 11 miles!

  • You can run 11 god-damned miles! That's almost certainly at least 10.75 miles further than your average slob! Pay yourself on the back!

    And you're not slow either. Perfectly respectable.

  • I couldn't do 11 miles at this stage...well done for just going the distance!

  • I'm with everyone else, YOU CAN RUN 11 MILES!!!!!!!!!!  That's a great achievement image

  • Yippee thank you. It's taken me ages to get to this stage for one niggle or another but I've persevered! I think I just read the posts on here about peeps trying to get a half marathon ioh half the time I do 11 and think yikes I'm not as good as I thought I was. I guess personally I'm always going to do my little victory dance in my mind when I do that little bit further and that's all I need. 


    A big thank you for returned posts. 

    Wish you all well. 


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