Sea Temps

Anyone have a good source of reliable, up-to-date sea and river temps. I've found for limited seat temps - know of any others?


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    You'd be better off narrowing down your search to specific spots to be honest.  There are a few other surf/kite/windsurf tools like windguru & magic seaweed I use for kite boarding but better still is pick a spot & find a webcam or surf shop nearby that posts up conditions regularly.

    So for example I use windguru for Exmouth, then I use Edge Watersports website for specifics about the sandbar & the duck pond spots, Poole Harbour I use magic seaweed then Poole Harbour Live Weather station for specic real time conditions including sea state & temp.  Hope that helps.

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    apart from those mentioned by FRV, check out and click on the map for locations.  some areas around the coast have automated buoys that record sea temps on a continual basis - where I am it's currently 12.2C.   the buoys also give wave heights, wind directions etc which are useful if planning sea swims

    a few sailing clubs have meteo stations but they tend to not record sea temps but useful for local winds

  • FB, FR, that channelcoast site is excellent for me as there is a bouy at Rustington which is  only a few miles from me. The other sites not so local. Thanks for the responses.

    I've tried environment agencies for river temps. Any others?

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    Having swum in the Thames on Sunday I can confirm a: it's cold b: it's colder than it should be by this time of year.

  • Apart from wnating to get this info generally, I'm trying to make up my mind whether to swim a 1.5 k race in the River Arun with or without a wetsuit. 

    I'd like to do it without, I swam off the coast of worthing yesterday for 25 mins without incident and that's about how long I would expect to stay in the water. the rustington bouy showed 13.8, though i suspect the water close to shore was a little warmer.

    Don't worry - I'm not expecting an answer on that from anyone - chances are i'll go without.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    inshore water will be warmer than the offshore buoys due to less depth and tide coming in over warm beach on a sunny day.

    I officiated a tri yesterday where the water (gravel pit) was just over 15C - 3 chose not to wear wetsuits (2 in the standard distance 1500m swim) and came through OK and nobody complained about it being too cold

    I would think the Arun would be 1/2C warmer than the sea but it will depend on land runoff - after a period of heavy rain it will be cooler than normal flows

  • Rivers fluctuate in temperature on a daily basis depending on how warm the air temperature is and how much rain has fallen upstream.  I swim in the same river probably 3 times most weeks and the temperature at the moment is fluctuating between 12 and 18 degrees, as measured by the same calibrated thermometer.

    Sea temperature at Dover was about 12 degrees at the weekend compared to 11 degrees as measured by the Sandetti Lightship, but places with very shallow water may be warmer.

  • Not broadly helpful unless you're swimming off SE Coast / in English Channel but I follow Channel Swimming Association on Facebook.  They regularly post sea temp, air temp and wind conditions.

  • This is my favourite. i used to use it when I was having kitesurfing lessons in Hunstanton. It gives mainly wind related reports but look at the bottom and it shows the current sea temp along with air temps etc.

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