Tough Mudder or Tough Guy



I've been looking at these two for quite a while now......  Now which one is tougher?  Tough Guy seems to be around for longer and Tough Mudder.....shall we say is American.

Who has taken part in both?  What did you enjoy about them?


High  & Lows




  • I heard Tough Mudder is for sissies

  • & Tough Guy is for?

  • try this link its a write up on both events. Personally I think tough guy is the hardest/ best the course is permenant and they add to it every year.

  • look at the thread "what is the toughest obstacle race" I don't know about Tough Guy

  • Thanks  S R and Lingster

  • I have done both.  Tough Guy is harder.  Much harder.  I could go on for a while as to exactly why - but my recommendation is - go up and try it for yourself! It WILL be painful.image

  • looking forward 2 trieing both started 10k runs last year with obstacles n look 4 local events weekly even if its a 10k off road run,buzzing for these events good fitness and amazeing fun,would like events with camping and a good knees up after if any1 knows of any

  • +1 for Tough Guy. Only done the winter one. For me it wasn't the phyiscally tough so much as the mental tough that was more important. The summer one won't have snow, or inch thick ice......

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • I broke my leg doing the winter Tough Guy but would still do it again! Was having a great time up until that point, got halfway round and was gutted I had to Go For It!

  • Sorry.....had to stop. Go for it!

  • Where did u break ur leg Sophie

    G took photos at the event last year Tough Guy that is, hoping to take some again next year, omg it is very hard, they had to pull loads off course this year and had to shut some of it down due to the ice on the water, lots of casualties, definitely very tough lol
  • I did tough guy with my son and watched as they pulled people off the course with hypothermia, followed by an air ambulance for the guy who was zapped in the torture chamber and landed face down in the water..... My son was blue, screaming with pain and I had to help him undress and get warm. I only survived because i had neoprene and was short enough to crawl rather than shimmy through the tunnels/ water/ nets. 

    He did tough mudder recently and I did not see a single person drop out. 

  • I think Tough Mudder exists just so that those who've done Tough Guy can laugh at people in the pub who claim Tough Mudder is 'hard'. If you're going to do something like this, do the real deal, and get to Tough Guy.

  • Tough Guy is the original.
  • Or do

    Xc and Fell racing, a lot cheaper

  • Tough Mudder actually have the temerity to claim that their little mud race has a case for being the toughest endurance event on the planet!

    They make this manifestly absurd claim, interspersed with the odd disrespectful comment about marathon runners. 

    They are a joke. 

  • Really? Toughest endurance event on the planet? WTF are these people on? Was it designed for people who struggle with stairs or something?

  • both far too easy for me.image

  • The "About" section on the Tough Mudder page is embarassing. Its just for gym bunnies who like to watch each other lift weights and drink protein shakes while talking about their latest bulking phase. In short, cnuts.

  • The thing about tough guy is that it picks on every part of you, first of all it drains you of all your energy and then puts you up against the toughest obstacle course you could find.

    I changed so much during the event, A spritely runner at the start, a challenged fighter after an hour, a scared also ran after two. a jibbering wreck after three.

    Still need to go back and complete it properly. Always tough guy for me.

    Tough mudder may be tough if thats the first you've done but won't top tough guy..
  • Catcat - i am with you on the need to 'finish it'. We were stopped from doing the water jump as there were too many casualties at that point hence i am preparing again.... Eek! i am crapping myself. 

  • The Rat Race "Dirty Weekend" is probably the hardest obstacle race in the UK. 

  • I don't know if harder or tougher than others as I don't enter for those reasons but I enjoyed the Winter Wolf Run. Lots of mud, lots of very cold water, good mix of natural and unnatural obstacles including superb hill slide. A different challenge to my usual half marathon.

  • I just finished Tough guy yesterday. Boy was it an ordeal. I did it with 2 of my friends, we all had hyperthermia, and one of us didn't finish. I've come out with what looks like severe road rash on both of my elbows and countless cuts and scrapes all over.

    The thing about tough guy as pointed out above, it first drains you physically, then mentally and finally emotionally. By the end of the race, I didn't have any thoughts in my brain besides keep moving forward, I wasn't even happy when I finished, I think my brain was so destroyed, I was incapable of emotion. Easily the toughest event I've ever done, including the OMM, but haven't done Tough Mudder so can't really comment, but given the difference in drop out rates, I'd have no hesitation thinking tough guy is much tougher. I'd like to do Tough Mudder, just to know the difference, and see if it really is a lot easier than tough guy though.

  • I have to say I find Tough Mudder physically harder! Tough guy was only hard because of the cold! There was soooo much time lost at obstacles in queues and some of the high obstacles whilst impressive, where not physically challenging. Once I recovered from my near Hypothermic state, I can say I was not tired. I was circuit training at the gym the following day. Whereas, Tough Mudder emptied my energy can, and took me 3 days to recover because most of the obstacles are very aerobic. 

    If Tough guy were to space the starts by 20 mins or so like they do in Mudder, so you could get a real wiggle on, I think it would be an infinitely better race... No queues .... faster timing.... more energy spent....and no hypothermia. I believe that race may then be better and harder. If they measure how tough you are by your ability to withstand cold, then hands up i'm a wimp.LOL


  • I know a guy who did both events - he says TG was by far the harder day.

    When I did TG there wasnt much hanging around - it depends how fast you can run to get to the Killing Fields I think.
  • Ah man, I was almost so ready to call it a day with these obstacle races, but hearing that Tough Mudder MAY be more physically challenging... Now I've got to find out myself image

  • Having run both I would say Tough Guy is definitely the toughest!! If you want a fun day out , do Tough Mudder. If you want a challenge which will push you to your limits, do Tough Guy.

    With regards to the claims by TM that it's harder than a, no, no....just no!!

    However, I would say that Tough Guy did leave push me as much as any Marathons (sub 4hr (just) for context) have!

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭

    ? is not really relevant to runners, both TG and TM are for blokes/blokess's from the pub who want a laugh and something to boast about when back in the pub!

    If you want to do something tough try an Ironman, or an Ultra.

    And yes, I have done  TG, Hellrunner, Grim etc.etc. None are that tough, any Marathon is harder. (assuming you don't break a leg, all I got was 5 stitches in my shin after a water hazard that contained real hazards)


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