Kennet & Avon Canal 56 miler

Very unlikely as it attracts quite a small crowd but anybody doing this? Or done last years?



  • Hi there, I'm looking at this event as my 1st 50 miler (+6 for luck!). Previous events this year are 30 and 44 miles on the SW coastal path, this appealed as it's flat and I could run more.

    I've emailed the race organiser to ask about parking (I'll have to leave my car and get the train back), feed/check points and number of racers and not heard back.

    It's nice to be part of an event, other racers to run with, overtake only for them to catch up, people cheering and getting into the spirit, but if this is a small turn-out I'd like to know.

  • Hi Jon, from what I know its quite a small event. I think last year their were only 15-20 runners in the 56 miler but a few more on the 21 miler. I emailed him ages a go and he said it defo wont be a sell out. But tis quite a small group of people laying it on in the first place. Problem is I have yet to meet anybody who has done the race before as it was the first time last year. So I am jumping in feet first as this will be my first event beyond the 50k

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