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  • If you have room for another session (ie 4th session per week) a hill sprint session would be good; Find yourself a nice steady climb of 2-300 metres.  Warm up as usual, then run up at a pace that has you working reasonably hard, jog slowly back down.  Again, reps - start with 4-5 and work up to 7-8.  Pay attention to gait, posture, centre of gravity, work your arms on the uphills.

  • So per week :-

    1) Long Slow Run of 13-15km each week - 7.30 pace

    2) A slow/normal run of 8-10km each week - 6.30 pace

    3) Interval run of 6km with 1km warm up then 3 to 4 x 1500m intervals at 5.45 pace, with 90 second break inbetween.

    4) Hill run with 1km warm up then 4 to 5 hill climbs building to 7-8 hill climbs at a around 6.00 pace

    If i beat my sister after all this, i will have to post you a bottle of Vodka or something image

  • image I'm a red wine drinker mostly image

    the 1500's - 1st week or so is 6k but as you build to 6 reps obviously total distance builds up to 9k plus warm up / cool off.

    you might find that 6 pace a little tough by rep 4 on the hills, see how you go.



  • Did an 8km time trial in 47.46, stopped short of 10km to avoid pushing too hard, or was it that i was tired... hehehe.


  • how long is long?

    how slow is slow?

    there are mitochondrial and other important benefits from "LSR's" just as there are different kinds of physiological benefits from other types of session eg hill reps.


    to just run a long way, very slowly is a little naïve....just saying! most exercise will help increase fitness. Marathon training will help your 100m time; 100m training will help your marathon time...just maybe there is a better way by doing the right type of training for your level of fitness; amount of available time and desired distance.


  • Been on holiday for 8 days eating crap and not drinking water but cider.

    Got back today and tried for 10km to see what i could do.

    Managed 6km in average pace of 5mins 52secs. Had to stop I was dead, dehydrated and legs aching like hell LOL.

    Need to drink water and get back on it.

    4 1/2 weeks until my Salford 10km. I HAVE TO CRACK THE 60 MINUTES BARRIER.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    No wonder you were suffering, first run back after holiday and trying to go faster than 10k race pace?

    Don't try and rush yourself back into it. In a week you should be back to where you were before the holiday.
  • cheers Millsy1977, I guess i was a bit mad, but at least i stopped rather than pushing it too much.

    Will do another 5km tomorrow night at a slower pace i think.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Yes take it easy and build yourself back up over a few days.

    You will be fine by the end of the week.

    I ran 10km today in under 60 mins - I did it in 59:52.

    My goal has been reached.

    Thanks to everyone who has helped me with a big thanks to LouiseG. I will continue with my training to try to get better and better times now. But I guess this thread is now considered closed.

    Thanks again everyone.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Well done!
  • Hi JJ, sorry, I have also been away on holiday with limited access to networks.  Congratulations on reaching your target image.  You still have a few weeks to work on bringing that time down and beating your sister image.  All the best for the race.



  • I will let you know if i beat her, if i can get 58 mins, i will be very very close hehehehe.

  • Well a week away now from my race and having done the following in the build up:-

    15km LSR at a pace of 7:09 - reduced from 7:30

    10km run at 59:52

    Been running every other day including intervals and the odd hill.

    Not run fast since the 8th August though (my 59.52) and did 15km on Thursday night and just did 8km at 6.20 just now.

    I will probably do 5km on Monday as interval and then a slow 5km on Wednesday with race day Sunday.

    I hope that sounds about right for my taper?

  • JJ, sounds good overall, probably more of a break than you need for a 10k; some people do better with a complete break for a day or so before, others with keeping their legs turning over.  If you find that you get sluggish after a day off, consider a 30 minute gentle jog the day before your event, finishing with some sprints / strides just to remind your body what a bit of pace feels like.

    Best of luck for Sunday, we will expect a full race report image image

  • i do find i get sluggish,

    Will increase my Monday run to about 7km then I will add a run on the Friday before the Sunday run and maybe do 5km then as well with some final sprints to finish off.

  • JJ, final advice -

    Don't go out too fast!  Nothing more likely to destroy a PB effort than starting too hard.  ease into it.  A warm up is also advised, maybe 10 mins with a few strides, finishing in time to allow your heart rate to drop again before the race. 

  • Will do, thanks, i intend to run at 5.55 pace for the first 7km then see what i have left and push it. If i can then do 5.45 for the final 3km i will be rocking, but lets face it anything better than 59.52 will be a PB and that is my aim. Scared image


  • JJ, maybe try 6:00 for the first 2-3 then ramp up

  • imageimage

    Gun and chip times image.   Well done!

    You can beat the sister next time....

  • HAHA did you check the result already? I have looked for the times but cant find them up anywhere yet......unless your are pyshic?

    I couldnt beleive my time - 57.26 I was amazed I could do that and what a massive personal best for me beating my training time of 59.52.

    First KM was manic and i got towed along at 5.20, slowed it down but took the opprotunity to use the seconds gain and kept my pace at 5.50 and pushed the last 1km really hard.

    Didn't budget on my sister getting her PB as well getting 56.11.

    Both of us are really happy.

    I can't thank you enough for the continual help during the training, it is much appreciated and it certainly helped me focus get that amazing result for me.

    Good luck with your next coaching assignment hehehe.



  • Yes I stalked you image

    Very pleased for you;  also, clearly, with improvement like that in such a short period you can still make significant gains. 

    Best of luck with the next challenge.

  • Manchester 10km on 18th May - going for 54.59, signed up today.

  • Sounds very achievable image.  Let me know if I can help.

  • Well actuially you can, i wasnt going to ask but seeing as you offered, and your advice has really helped me to get where i am currently at. So yes please, can you continue to help me if you have the time?

    I clearly need to up my pace to acheive this and my thoughts were simply to carry on as I have but simply increase the speed of my runs.

    Not sure if this is right though as I clearly have some reasonable base fitness now.

    So in short, where do I start and what should i look to acheive over the next 2,4,6 and 8 months when the race is?

  • Johm don't think i've posted on your thread but popped in from time to time to see how you are doing, care to share your current training and how/if it differs from your first post?

    And watch Louise, she may lay claim to any prizemoney you get though offers good advice so would be worth it image

  • Hi Andi - well here it is.


    1 mins run on 2/1/2013 and i was shattered with  cramps. By May I ran three times a week of 5km, 5km and 10km at a speed i could complete it at and completed the Manchester 10km in 1:09:xx


    "If i run 10km once a week in around a time currently at 61-66 minutes, then try to run 2 lots of 5km at a time of say 30 minutes will that ultimately improve my 10km time for september?  I want to achieve 10km in under 60 mins by September."


    I run 3 or 4 times as week, usually every other day. I do a Long Slow Run of 12-15km, a medium run of 7-10km, an interval run of 5km (1km warm up jog, sprinting two lamposts/jogging 2 lamposts OR 3km very fast run, and 1km warm down jog), 5km interval hill run which is pretty steep and sprint up it and walk down it 4 or 5 times (hill is about 100m long).

    I managed 57:26 in the Salford 10km on September 8th.


    I now want to crack 55 mins, but I have no idea what to do (until LouiseG posts lol) as to how to improve apart from more of the same, which i expect would not work.

    As for prize money i did offer a bottle of wine hehehe.

  • Txs John looks like you have had a good journey so far image

    Am sure Coach Louise will get you to your goal!

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