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  • LG - I have done a 15km, 7km and 5km run over the last few days getting ready to start tonight on the programme.

    A question about tonight - I am running 8km right? So by my calculations I run the following :-

    2km warm up at 7.00 pace

    3 or 4 x (3x500m) intervals = 4.5km or 5.0km at 5.00 pace

    1.5km cool down at 7.00 pace

    Is that right or am I off the mark on this?

  • JJ, the intervals (sorry it was a bit shorthand image)

     Run 400m at 5:00 pace then slow jog / walk 100m.  Do that 3 times (1.5k).  Rest 2-3 minutes.  Repeat until you have done 4.5k (ie 3 x 3(400+100)).

    If still strong, do another set of 3 x 400 + 100 (total of 6k if you do that)

    Warm up and cool down - start warm up at 07:00 pace but you'll probably find yourself closer to 06:15 at the end of the warm up even without pushing it.  Cool off any pace you are comfortable at. 

  • Done the interval run, it was good fun, but i think the neighbours must think i am nuts running past their house every couple of minutes.

    I did three reps of 400+100 plus the warm up cool down. I wasnt going to type anything until the week finished but i have another question.

    The runs you mention, such as Tuesday Easy 10km is that including or excluding warmup / cooldown and how much warm up cool down should i do?

  • Morning JJ

    re the other runs such as Tuesday - distances given are total distance.  For easy paces just start slowly and pick up the pace after a kilometre or so.  Regarding finishes, generally finish at roughly the training pace.  Every now and then we'll build in a fast finish session to practice picking up speed on tired legs but don't worry too much about that.

    I'm interested in how you found the intervals - did you jog the 100s or did you need to walk?  And could you have done another set at a push or were you quite tired?


  • Hello,

    The interval was quite fun actually.

    I was tired after about 300 metres on the second sets but was able to keep going to the full 400 metres and the same for the 3rd set, I walked the 100 metres. The reason for this  was as it was the first proper interval run I have done was to ensure I had stamina to complete it. next time I will try to jog it. I managed to keep around 5.00 pace for each run (probably just under to be honest looking at the watch data when I got home, although the first ones I was at 4.15 until I realised I was going too fast. I need to try to learn to programme the watch to input intervals, I did try it once but failed lol.

    Yes I probably could have done another set, but it would not have been at the same pace, more like 6.00.

    I jogged home for another 1km to cool down straight after the final set, but I felt good and loose and felt my legs wanted to go faster.

    10km easy run tonight it is then.


  • OK great, we'll keep the session the same next week just to make sure you get the hang of it.


  • Ran Tues as my easy run and was good, but...... I had a work night out on Wednesday and couldnt run and on Thursday i was still recovering from the Cider.

    Just done 15km now and felt real good, only the last 1/2 km was a little tough but that was in my legs not my breathing, i did this at 6.54 pace. I will do a tempo run on Sunday to replace the Wednesday one i missed.

    So next week do i keep the same pattern? or does it change?

  • Let's keep next week the same, just to get everything flowing.  Monitor how you feel during / after each session, and cumulative tiredness after consecutive days of running.

    Any progress on cross training - some core and leg strengthening in particular image


    I have to admit I had rather a lot of 'cider' this week and a b%"£ awful time trial this morning was the outcome.


  • I am home alone tonight, so i will be doing some exercise tonight i think, watching TV and on the computer.

    Shame on your time trial, Cider is a killer, especially the 7% stuff I was on Manchester lol.

  • Morning,

    I did my Sunday run (7km easy at 6.17 pace) and then did some core work in the evening for about 5 minutes.

    Got to say my knees are aching a little and my abs are a little sore hehe. I clearly need more core work if I am sore after 5 mins so will working on that.

    As for the running, I am struggling to keep up 5 runs a week and think in all honesty 4 runs a week is probably right for me from a spare time point of view.

    So I am thinking of dropping one of the runs to give the following schedule :-

    Type                   Day                Distance    Pace

    Short (Speed)     Monday           8                * will depend on interval distance

    Rest  Tuesday         

    Short (Tempo)    Wednesday      6             05:40 -05:50 except for warm up / cool off

    Rest Thursday               

    LSR                    Friday              15            06:30 - 07:00

    Rest Saturday                     

    Short (Easy)      Sunday              10            06:15 - 06:45

    I have suggested deleting Tuesdays run (10km) but put Sundays up from 7 to 10. Is this likely to work or would it totally mess things up and perhaps you have a better suggestion?

  • Interval run done, managed 3 full sets with a jog in between and then 1 more run of a 4th set. Pace was right at roughly 5.00 for the run and 7:00 for the jog plus warm up and cool down.

    Back to core tomorrow, unless you think i need to change my suggested revised programme.

  • JJ, I think the revised plan will be fine.  You can always add in an occasional extra run if you feel like it.  You have plenty of time to build up.

    Back to core tomorrow.

    Next interval session keep the paces the same, extend the interval distance from 400m to 600m, x 3 sets.  Feel free to do a fourth set if feeling very strong.


  • 600m  argh  !!!  OK boss !!!

    Ok will do that Monday, doing tempo tonight and core as you say tomorrow. I will do core every rest day giving me 3 nights a week at it.

    I will add an extra run if I can.

  • Tempo run tonight was not good.

    It was cold, so i wrapped up, even on warm up i felt sluggish and flat footed. I ran 6km at the required pace but at 5.5km i was dead. It was really strange, my calves were also sore and when i got in my legs were tingling a little (from the cold, dont worry i am not having a heart attack).

    Probably one of those crappy runs that you get from time to time I guess.

  • JJ, don't worry, we all have a bad one now and then.  Stick to the slower end of the pace range if you need to, we can work up over the coming weeks.

    Make sure you go nice and easy tomorrow morning.  No point being overtired and injured.


  • Did 15.6km LSR on Friday and felt good, only really got tired last km, where usually it has been last 2km, pace was 7:09.

    Today did the 10km easy run and did that in 6.11, which is a little quicker than the target of 6.15 to 6.45. I felt real good and cant believe i can do 10km at 62 mins without even trying now, so performance is definately improving.

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday I did 5-7 mins core work each day and will do some more tonight.

    Tomorrow is the dreaded interval run, not looking forward to 600m x 3 @ 5.00 pace, i think this will be a tough call as 400m was tough but manageable. Time will tell.

    All in al it is going well and i am keeping to the revised programme 100%.

  • JJ, all sounding very good - it is important to still enjoy running, otherwise what's the point?!

    Don't dread the intervals, they should be fun too.  If you need to walk the 100m between 600s, then do so - it's a progression, and if you could do it all at the target pace 1st time round then the targets are too soft image.

    Regarding the tempo run, on reflection I think we set the pace too hard for that for a 6k distance.  This week better to do it at 06:00 per k, see how that feels.

    Tomorrow I'll update all the details and do any tweaking for next week.


  • I am loving running, i can see progress all the time.

    I even went out and bought some new clothes, even got a skin tight running top, wow would never have had the balls 9 months ago to wear one of them, but i felt great in it, this lycra thing is addictive LMAO. Seriously though, buying medium clothes off the peg as opposed to wondering if XL would fit me is awesome.

    I feel great and loving it, it is addictive and with continual improvement and that 55 mins target for 10km and under 2hours for the GNR, i have very acheiveable targets to work to.

    Looking forward to the tweaking this week image

  • Morning image

    Ready for a good week?

    You have tonight's session already;  3 sets of  3 x 600m with 100m recovery walk / jog, 2 mins break between each set.  Pace 05:00.

    Wednesday's tempo run we've softened the pace slightly, see how you feel, keep the total distance at about 8k (of which not more than 6 at tempo pace).

    We should extend the distances of your other two runs a little this week, keeping paces the same.  So LSR goes to 17k, Sunday goes to 11.

    Keep me posted.  Lycra works very well on ripped abs image.


  • Great thanks, I will get back to you on Saturday maybe before the sunday run so you have time for my feedback if that is ok?

    I am also doing the core work on none run nights, which definitely needs building on, I have realised I am weak when doing the superman plank and I buckle to the sides. So I will work on getting stronger.

    Ripped abs lmao - I didn't have those ever, but I can see some definition starting hehehe.

  • Interval was fun tonight.

    All runs were 580m as the road wasnt long enough lol.

    First set 5.20 / 5.15 / 5.06.

    Second set 5.02 / 4.58 then stopped by a man and a dog so used this as a break

    Third set 4.56 / 5.06 / 5.09

    Warm up was 1.2km and cool down 1.2km.

    Felt much better than last week.

  • Did the tempo run last night, definitely better than last week.

    7.6km total of which 1km warm up, 6km tempo and 0.6 cool down as I ran out of road and it was raining lol.

    Time wise for the 6km I was good at 6:13 / 6:00 / 5:48 / 5:52 / 5:52 / 5.59.

    Felt ok actually, out of breath, but ok.

    17km on Friday to come.

  • Perfect JJ.


    Just remember the long run pace should feel easy enough to chat at.  (That doesn't mean your legs don't get tired of course...).  Stop for water / take a break as needed.

    Do you eat before you go btw?

  • I generally run at night, so i have my evening meal of Uncle Bens rice and either tuna or salmon with some veg around 5.45pm. I then eat a couple of rice cakes and maybe a banana and then run around 7.00pm until 9.00pm. I dont take food or drinks on any runs at present.

  • JJ, it's great that you don't need food or water on the go.  At some point it will be a good idea to occasionally practice drinking (water / isotonic not booze image) just to ensure that if and when you actually need to, it's not new and disruptive when you race.  (i) Figuring out what suits your stomach (ii) drinking on the go or walking through water stations, which you might need to do on longer distances when the weather warms up.

    Most races are mornings, so that might also impact your nutrition approach.

    It would also be interesting to see whether you notice any boost from taking something on.  Opinions vary.  Anyway, no rush, let's get the new distances stabilised in the meanwhile...enjoy your run this evening.


  • Hello LG.

    Done 17km and have to say that is my absolute MAX distance. I was dead, my posture had gone, my legs were gone and i got in and fell on the floor lol.

    I seriously couldnt do any further than that at present.

    My pace was 7:28 so bang on target there.

    Maybe my 43 years of age caught up on me there hehehe.

    But i did it and i am still alive to post this message lol.

  • JJ, no worries, you'll soon be knocking these off without a 2nd can remember when 10 felt like a lot image,  Also it might be that some hydration would have helped.

    Just one question - did you sustain your pace steady throughout or did you start faster and slow down? 


    Enjoy your rest today.

  • pretty static all KMs were within 7:15 and 7.41 pace, with most around 7.25.


  • Ok, great.   Slightly lighter load this week to allow recovery.  This week's intervals - back to 400s.  Tempo run - same as last week, with Tempo section 5:50 - 6:00 minutes per k.

    Friday run 13k, Sunday run a mere 8k.  You'll be bouncing about by next week.

  • yay lol.

    I did my 10km run earlier today but it was little fast, mainly because i wanted to get home as i was running in a bloody thunderstorm which started at 5km lol. So did it in 6.07 ave pace.

    Got my plan for the week now, that should help the legs recover, and i will continue core work.

    Incidentally, how do you think things are going and what are the plans for the months ahead or is it too early to say and you see what how i progress for a little longer? I honestly think that i can tell i have impoved already, i do feel stronger overall for sure.

    Keep up the coaching please image

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