Cycling vs. Running

I have it in my mind that I would like to substitute a significant portion of my training (at least for a few months) with cycling instead of running. I am (as a layman) aware that both of course build aerobic capacity. My question is, all things being equal, assuming 5-6 running days a week (of 1-1.5hr runs @ a 6-7 pace), if I substitute half of these or more for cycling (same time, 1-1.5hr), will it hurt my running ability?


  • Yep. If you want to replace a run for a bike - then you'd need to do double the time on the bike I reckon.

    Its better than doing nothing - but provided your body can cope with the running - you'd improve better with running.

    I don't think you'll slow down - but you won't improve as much doing this.
  • Hmmmm

    The idea behind this is firstly to gain more endurance whilst not stressing the knees that much, and secondly to train in riding for, shall we way, "long term goals" image (I dare not say the word...)


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    You will of course lose the benefits of specificity of training. At my club they generally take the view that if you want to be a runner then you should run and not cycle etc.

    I had a month of injury in march and spent the time cycling/spinning. Whilst my endurance ability was unaffected i found my speed training ability had lowered and in turn my 10k time.

  • Agreed.

    Unless you have aspirations of the Triathlete variety.... image


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    Yes- I wont tell you what they say about triathletesimage

  • Do tell, what do they say? image


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    Usual runner banter. Simply that Triathletes are people that are not good enough at any of the disciplines individually to reach the same level they can reach by putting the 3 togetherimage

    I would just like to confirm that this comment in no way represents my view on thingsimage

  • You might as well put your name on the list for Ironman France now....
  • Ironman.... hmmm..... OK, so I will speak image

    I plan to do a marathon in May 2014 (Prague) and then, if I can do it, either a half or full Iron Man in 2015. Ambitious? Probably, but what is life without a goal image


  • Plenty of people can do Ironman on a years training - and a lot of those had their first ironman as their first marathon. Just a thought eh ?
  • Yes, well, I believe I "can" do it (just as I really can run my first marathon this October as I planned to), but I thought it more prudent (and enjoyable?) to do it step by step and get a good foundation first.

    Also, as I am divorced and have my two children with me half the time (which is actually more than half the mornings), there is only so much training I can do (at least till they are older to be comfortably left alone while daddy is out training.... they are 4 and 7 now).

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