Bare with me..........


  I ran an Ultra last month 30 odd miles. In a rather slow 6hr 50 but it was incredibly hilly.

Now when setting out for an ultra I am always too cautious and I'd rather be a bit more gung ho so to speak and see what I could really do.

Is their anyway of calculating say a minute per mile pace that you know your body could do for hours on end? Would perhaps keeping your heart rate under a certain number etc help? Or at what speed could you go before your body starts to really eat up your glycogen stocks?

I know the question has not been asked very well but I am hoping somebody knows what I am trying to get at.

Is the only way to get out there an experiment. Problem is I could do a LSW at 9 minute mile quite happily without raising the old heart but that will probably be too quick for a 50 miler for instance


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    I was just reading about Maffetone (Don't want to open can of worms) but could this be what I am looking for???

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    Have a look at this, (it's not spam I promise) but a legendary ultra runner

  • Thats really nice. I love the gumboot memorial lol Seemed like a nice chap and to be able to run days on end without sleep is a bit mental!

  • I think I have managed to answer my own question lol. Kind of looking for low carb training. IE what threshold do I need to run at to burn fat instead of carbs etc

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