Should you run with sore/aching legs?

Should you run if your thigs/glutes are aching from doing lots of squats the day before?




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    No. It'll just cause more damage. Cycle if you can.

  • Okay - will give them a rest! image Thanks for the reply

  • I kind of run through the post-workout pain regardless!

  • Yes, you will be fine. An easy run will help with recovery.

  • I tend to do my strength session on easy days, which means that it is typically followed by a hard day. Often a bit achey if I've been doing pliometrics, but it doesn't seem to affect my training.

    However, I played football on Monday for the first time in about five years and my legs are killing me today.  20 min tempo planned for lunchtime, which might be interesting.

  • I find a gentle jog/run helps recovery - first few steps can be painful but by the end my legs tend to feel better.


  • I find a gentle run loosens me up but I tend to know if I'm doing to much, also cycling helps and a good stretch out after.

  • If I stayed in when my legs ached I'd never run at all

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