Gradual onset of groin strain

Hi there all,

I'd describe myself as an average club runner - running so 20 - 30 miles a week when fit. I have been suffering from the occurrence of a groin strain on and off for the last 10 years or so - and was wondering if anyone has had the same symptoms and if so what they have done to have it sorted?

The pain happens slowly - not your classic idea of a groin strain, when you pull something during a run or in a game of football. It creeps up on me almost during the day, at work, or at home - on either side, sometimes a slight pain, other times becoming painful enough for me to have to do a passable imitation of a John Wayne walk! When its like this running is completely out of the question disrupting the training. Mostly it disappears after a day or so. This can happen once or twice a month – or I can have a few months when it never happens at all.

I am now working on core stability a lot more to see if that strengthens the core and prevents it from happening as frequently as it has. Anyone suffered from the same kind of thing I wonder?


  • Hi m8 like you I;m an average club runner and I have suffered over the Past month with a very similar problem.

    2 weeks ago the ache/pain came on and I had to jog back to the club, I rested for 4 days then continued running without a problem until last night.

    last night when on a club run I got to about 4 miles then had to stop and stretch to ease the pain in my groin.

    I also noticed that when pushing hard on the flat the worse the pain got.

    I managed to finish the run but only at a gentle jog, over the weekend I had ran two 7 miler hill runs witout any pain at all.

    this morning when pressing my thumb into the area it feels bruised and is slightly achey.

    Im unsure if stretching is a good idea or not or just to rest it, but i need my running fix to keep me sane.

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