Tick Tock Ten - An amazing read

I have just finished the book Tick Tock Ten. The story of Gerry Duffy’s completion of the Deca.

It makes inspirational reading and bought me to tears on many occasions.

What really struck home though, were his words about Monique.

"We read about sporting role models all the time. Many justify the tag. It has taken me six months of writing to arrive at the opportunity to type these few paragraphs in tribute to this one. She is the greatest sportswoman I have ever had the privilege to meet.

Never mind the sink, Monique had the entire kitchen thrown at her. From a first day miscalculation and the three hours she had lost. The fact that she was usually one of the last competitors to close her eyes each night. The fact that she always blitzed the run. Partly because she was a superb runner but also critically to ensure that she made the cut off. Her absolute ability to motivate herself despite her incredibly long days. And her encouragement of others despite her state of constant lack of fatigue, and her consistent sense of humour."

I hadn’t quite grasped what she had achieved that year. I feel privileged that I have met her, if only on brief occasions.The book is a must read for every pirate.


  • I have the book and I'm keeping it for my holiday read in august.......


    I was privelidges to be on the same course as gerry on his last day and at the awards ceremony the following day and he is truley a lovely and inspirational guy......His quiet irish accent inspires so much .......he is one of those gentlemen.....


    and yes monique again is amazing......she isn't the type who will continually tell you what she has done and how fast she has done it.....she is caring for those around you......

    to meet people like these is why i keep on getting drawn back to AT

  • Seren - you are right.

    I would like to go back and do something. Unfortunately my work commitments at the moment mean that training for anything beyond a single IM is not feasibe for me image


  • The half is good......i think i might be choosing the single again next year as anything more on that course is beyond me at the moment........

  • It does not say anthing about her being as mad as a box of frogs though image


    May have to order the book image

  • I remember doing a sportive in Bala. It was the windiest I'd ever ridden in. I had to use all my strength to get the bike to turn a 90 degree corner in the wind. It was ridiculously windy.

    I was glad when I finished my 80 mile route - id left my riding pal behind - it was everyone for themselves to finish. Stopping would have made you too cold to carry on. And not at all surprised to hear Mon had gone on to do the extra optional 20 mile lap over the top of the mountain. She's nails that one.
  • slimshadyslimshady ✭✭✭

    Just ordered  image

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    I remember talking to Monique during the lead up to IMCH in 2005 and she mentioned then that she wanted to do a deca.....

    so I asked why.  she said it wasn't the physical side of a deca that interested her, but the psychological - to see how her "box of frogs" brain coped with it.

    roll on 2011 and her attempt - it was the physical that stopped her

    roll on 2012 and her attempt - it was the psychological that stopped her

    I guess she knows now what attempting a deca is like


    fucking nails is Mon and lovely to boot - prvileged to know her

  • The first thing I remember about Monique was her OW swimming wearing boxing gloves, just for a laugh. 

    Such an inspiration, the last two years supporting at Avon Tyrell were very humbling experience for me.

  • Mon is a legend and a lovely person.

  • this was on my fathers day list along with the brownlees book - wife couldnt find it despite me dropping hints about amazon and the such image

  • If you order it from his website you get a signed copy image


  • I've ordered both his books. I'm hoping it will be the perfect luxary item for my mountain trip in August - keep me motivated when I'm tired/miserable/short of breath. image

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