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hi all, wanted to introduce myself and ask a question!

i was 18st til about 3yrs ago when I lost 4st over the course of about a year and sort of plateaued at just under 14st where I've been now ever since.

I've decided to shake 3st, and I've never had the confidence to jog before, so I did that for the first time yesterday morning (up at 6.15am to ensure nobody else was out and about). I'm doing the couch to 5k programme, but i broke my ankle a few years ago and I don't want to sprain it/break it again. I use an elastic ankle support and I've got some cheapish running shoes for sports direct. are there any extra things I can do to ensure my ankle remains ok?

Thanks to all,really excited about the future,




  • Wills some core strength stuff would be useful, ever gym with light weight's, something like yoga or karate or swimming. It will help with your muscles becoming better at copping with stress's and possible injures.

    If you want to do running long term I would make sure you get a gait test done at a running shop and hear what advice they can give you about trainer's but for a couch to 5k program I wouldn't worry to much about it just yet.

    When you broke the ankle did you see a physio and did they give you any exercises to do? Depending on what they said at the time that might be a good starting point.

  • If you broke the ankle then it will be stronger than it was before. The bone will have completely regrown. I'd not worry about that too much.

    I'd maybe try fast walking for a bit before getting up to running ? Well done on starting - but there's no need to do it so early - 99.99% of people really don't care what anyone else is doing. Do it to suit yourself - not them.
  • I agree with Cougie, you're ankle will be stronger than it was before, it'll just be your mind that plays tricks on you.

    Core work will improve your balance, plus single leg squats etc.

    Good luck and more importantly enjoy image

  • @cougie is right, don't worry

    shorter strides reduces pressure of impact+ would do calf strengthening

  • Regarding your running at 6:15am to avoid others, I totally get that.  I did the same when I started and it took me a good month or so to get over the fear of running more publically.


    I started off wearing all black, only going in the dark and running in the shadows. Confidence does come with a bit of time, but I get where you are coming from.


    I soon got much less conscious of people, but then when the weather improved all of a sudden my usual route became MUCH more full of people, and it got a little bit intimidating again (in my mind) but I honestly found that no one really takes any notice of you and now it really doesn't bother me to get out there no matter what.


    Good luck with it all, it is a great decision to start running.  You are right to be excited, I've been running from absolutely nothing at all to 3 or 4 times a week now, and enjoying it so much more than I ever imagined I would. These days I even nod and smile to other runners as I pass them (though when I am knackered I am unsure quite what that might look like!). I couldn't imagine even making any eye contact at all when I first started out. image

  • thanks to all for the comments. this forum's a great resource for knowledge and support! i just had a post-run shower and i'm feeling great. have a brilliant weekend all - happy running!!

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