Bike swap


I have a Boardman Comp mountain bike that cost close to a grand a couple of years ago. It has probably done about 200 miles tops. Perfect condition. If you are interested then I'd be happy to swap for a good lightweight road bike of similar value.

I've just starterd doing triathlon, hence the move.




  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    you'd be better off

    a) asking this in the tri section of this site


    b) asking on a bike forum such as Bike Radar or similar where they have classified sections


    and "close to a grand a couple of years ago" is barely going to get you decent road bike on a swap.  you'd be best selling the MTB and using the money to help fund a decent road bike separately


    EDIT: - just seen you've posted the same in the tri section

  • Cheers FB.  I'll stick it on bike radar too.  Cheers. 

  • The link says  £700. Not really close to a grand is it?

  • If anyone hears of some selling/wanting to swap a road bike please point them in my direction.


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