St Andrews Triathlon

I've noticed that the official body, Triathlon Scotland have withdrawn their support from the St Andrews Triathlon on July7th, and have decided to no longer sanction this race. What in real terms does this mean???

This is my 1st Triathlon and having trained (sorta) hard for the Standard Distance, and for that matter the entry fee of £46, I would loath to give this up.

Is it just an insurance thing?? Am I going to die?? I'm bricking it enough without any negative news to worry about.

Are any more experienced folk out there got some more positive news regarding this event?? Having researched last years event, it seems that it was a bit of a shambles, but having asked Triathlon Scotland earlier on in the year about the event, they (at the time) assured me it would be a sanctioned event, but now, due to unforseen circumstances, they have withdrawn.





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    when you say withdrawn, does that mean that it was sanctioned as a TS event for this year but that has now been withdrawn; or that it had been a TS event in previous years and is no longer???

    the website says "The races are run under the Rules of the BTF and subject to due process will be Sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland" which is unclear in all honesty!!

    I'm a BTF race official by the way so let me know the answers to that and I'll reply accordingly


  • I think Tri Talk have a discussion on this race.
  • Triathlon Scotland WERE going to sanction the event for the 1st time I believe, but withdrew.

    This is the official reply from the race organisers.

    ''We were disappointed to learn of triathlonscotland's decision on 12th June not to sanction the event. triathlonscotland arbitrarily decided to referee a dispute within the organisational team, and decided to not award sanction for the events - the only punitive action available to them. The safety matters relating to the event have not been officially considered. Furthermore, when pressed for further information by concerned members, triathlonscotland chose to make disparaging speculative remarks about Pedal Powered Events.


    triathlonscotland publishes the criteria for which it awards sanction, and there's no mention of disputes within organiser teams as a basis for sanction being denied.


    It's concerning that triathlonscotland does not offer not a mature sanctioning framework on which an organiser can work confidently with triathlonscotland.


    Regardless, we remain fully committed to the event and to the promotion of triathlon in Scotland, and the schedule for The St Andrews Triathlon Festival will proceed as planned - with or without triathlonscotland's involvement. We welcome you in joining us on 7th July for this great event - see you there!"

    Should I be overly concerned??


  • Tri Scotland sent this email to its members on 13th June:

    triathlonscotland have taken the decision to not sanction all four of the EntryCentral St Andrew’s Triathlon Festival events this year.


    • Standard
    • Sprint
    • Novice
    • Aquabike

    No further explanation!!

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    just read that Cougs and can see that TS have withdrawn their sanction

    FM - that basically means that the event organisers have failed to comply with a full risk assessment of the event and/or are not willing to pay an athlete's levy (based on entry numbers) to ensure that the event is sanctioned.  this also seems to be connected with the charitys involved withdrawing their support as the organisers have failed to answer some of their concerns - which may of course be connected to the RA or fee issues.

    in other words they will not be given a race permit to race under BTF rules or provided with race insurance.

    in practical terms, this doesn't mean that the events can't go ahead but if they do so, the organisers need to put into place their own insurances and they won't have the backing of the BTF/TS for anything that may go wrong.

    but many organisers put events on without BTF permits or support but if racing you would be best checking what insurances they have in case of an issue arising.   


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    that reply from the race organisers seems to be one eyed as they are viewing matters from their end.  you need to get the TS reasons to get a better balanced view but event safety is a big concern and one that the BTF and regions are keen to get sorted.

    no RA, no permit, no insurance.

    I would however suggest the matter goes deeper than we know

  • Thanks for the input guys/gals.

    Let's just hope it all goes well on the day.........image


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