Blister (no blood) under left big toenail, need help

I ran the San Francisco marathon on Sunday and developed a blister under the toenail of my left big toe. I left it alone until this morning when I (stupidly) decided to trim the edge of the nail that looked like it had separated. When I did this I accidentally punctured the blister and a lot of fluid released. I didn't have a lot of time to research and probably can across some faulty information because I ended up removing most of the nail so that I could get all the fluid out. All of the nail (except for the sides and bottom) had already separated from the nailbed. I trimmed the nail as well as I could. As far as I could see, no fluid remains under the tiny bit of nail down by the cuticle. Since I had to go to work right away I covered the exposed nailbed with a bandaid (and neosporin) but left it partially open so some air could get through. 

My toe feels so much better but I'm worried that I did the wrong thing. I want to make sure that I treat it correctly so that I'm able to run in a few days (I start training for the Marine Corps marathon in a week or two) and so that the nail grows back correctly. 

Please let me know what I should do from here! (Aka what to put on the toe of I want to go running


  • Nick, I don't think I was clear enough. My bad. What I'm worried about is the fact that I removed most is the nail myself to get all the fluid out. 

    Also, what's A & E?

  • SlowkoalaSlowkoala ✭✭✭

    I have lost 3 toe nails in the last month following a marathon but it doesn't hurt at all when I run. As you have popped the blister and removed the nail, it may feel a bit raw and sore at the moment. Maybe keep a blister plaster on it for a couple of days to stop the area becoming infected. Make sure you keep it clean. It should feel better in a few days. For next time, I think it's better to try and keep the nail as this provides a bit of protection for a while, before eventually falling off.

  • Thank you so much, slowkoala! I panicked this morning and realized after that I'd probably done the wrong thing. 

  • I got the same after a marathon and was struggling until I popped it. Lost the nail eventually.

  • lost four on my last marathon. i relish playing with them in front of my wife, and they sacre my children,. Great fun and largely painless.

  • I've accidently popped blisters before while cutting my nails. I just drain out as much fluid as possible and then leave them alone. They feel much better once that has happened. You definitely need to keep it clean and dry until it heals over. It will take months for the nail to grow bsck completely but that doesn't matter once the skin had healed.

  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    I usually drain the fluid, but leave the nail in place, then slowly trim the nail back as it lifts off over the next few weeks, months- means that you have only a small raw area of nail bed to contend with. It doesn't matter, it will toughen up quickly enough.

    Apparently the best way to avoid a repeat is: bigger shoes, filing donw nails so they don't snag on your socks, taping or toe protectors over the end of the toe.

    Ive' tried all 3, and now just accept that I never have 10 toenails. Seems an inevtiable part of the game- they've never bothere me once I let the fluid out, except that I'm a bit scred of someone stepping on my toes for the first few days after a race!

  • I've had many a nail separate from the nail bed, normally from being in ski boots. It happens when the nail gets damaged.. It may have been impacting into the front of you shoe. I always cut the nail away... None of my toes have dropped off yet image you'll be fine!

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