Moving to Chesterfield

I'll be moving up to Chesterfield soon, probably within the next month. Looking forward to challenging myself on the hills. I run off road mostly atm and so looking forward to having the Peak District next door. Being able to run to an edge, do a bit of bouldering/soloing then running home fills me with glee. Any other running climbers/climbing runners out there?

Also just in time for my training for Snowdon, how fortuitous. (I'll be on the thread soon....)

Jealous anyone?

If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming


  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭

    I grew up in Ches.  Moved away though years ago and do miss the hills, nice to go back and run there when visiting relatives.  You'll be just in time for the Spire 10 mile race.  Now THAT has a hill or two in it.  Well mainly one very loooong one.  

    There are flat options too though - along the canal and so on.  


  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Cheers McF. Hoping to buy a house somewhere around Ashgate so I have Linacre reservoir on the doorstep and the tracks to the Peak. Also means I can walk to the start of the Spire 10.

    I was flicking at the Dark Peak FR site the other day. Got very scared when I realised how many of their races have got 300' of ascent per mile..... image

    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭

    Oh nice, my mum lives up that way image.  I run from hers, through Holmebrook valley park, up to Cutthorpe and then either Linacre or up to Barlow or round the roads up to the tops and down by Old Brampton.  Loads of options.  

    Think North Derbyshire Running Club are meant to be pretty good.  

  • There was a thread on here recently asking what is the toughest half marathon in the UK.  Buxton and Eyam were both nominated, though I've not done either.

  • Chimney there is a sheffield social thread in the clubhouse you can find some local cool people at if your interested. Lots of local clubs that are good If you like it felly you might be interested in these girls and gem's

    Also check out the trunce it's basicly a fell running version of parkrun held throughout the year north off chesterfield on a monday night and well worth a look. Afaid the website is rubbish so can't post the link but you can the race in the calender of the link above.

  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    Cheers Lou, Cake.


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Thanks for the link Cake.  Might see if I can tempt McFlooze with one or two of those when we're in the area.

  • Lou there are tons of races around here and some of them are literally just on notice boards in church hall wall's worth checking through the running club websites calender when your round this way. image

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