Is this Normal? I done a 15K race last sunday. It was a very hilly and tough course but i completed it and felt ok. I done it in a time of 82 mins which i was quiet happy with. I am in training for a half Marathan (June 29) so decieded to for a run yesterday. I planned on doing 7 miles but got to 3 miles and i just could not go any further, legs just felt like lead. Ended up walking home. I am putting this done to the tough race on Sunday. Is this normal? i have been running 7 miles twice a week lately and a longer run on the weekend. I plan on trying 6 or  7 miles tomorrow. Just a bit nervous that this happened so close to my half marathon goal.


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    Isn't there a rule of thumb recovery from a hard run is about a mile a day, so basically take it easy with only gentle recovery runs for around 9 days?

  • There are rules of thumb for this kind of thing, but I ignore them and just go on how I feel (and you are right - 1 day recovery per mile raced is often quoted).

    After a race active recovery helps. This can include short, easy paced runs. I forget about mileage and pace.

    It sounds like you launched straight back to your normal run without thinking about recovery. Given you have about 10 days before your HM, think about what runs you are planning between now then, and make sure you are fresh on race day. Good luck

  • Thanks for the replies, i done 6 miles yesterday and felt fine. I plan on doing about 9 miles tomorrow and then very little next week image

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