Nike Pegasus+ 29 or Nike Pegasus+ 29 Trail?

I do some light trail running and both of these are the same price, so was wondering which do you think is better and why? thanks.


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  • I've used the Pegasus 28, trail and normal. The trail ones have better grip off-road, especially if the ground is wet. They also keep the water out quite well, although if you run through a puddle you'll still get wet feet.

    Downsides to the trail version - they're not as breathable, so you get sweaty feet if it's warm and you do a long run. They're also not as good on road, feel slightly less cushioned.

    I mostly use the trail version as my parkrun shoes. I've also done a couple of off-road 10Ks in them. My long training runs are usually a mixture of road of trail (in the dry) and I prefer the regular version for those.

    One other point, I recently bought a pair of normal Pegasus 29's and I'm not getting on with them as well as I did with the 28's. Gone back to the 28's for the moment, going to try a pair of Brooks Ghost 5.

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