Just did my first race!!

Rather proud of myself this week as I just completed my first ever race!

Did the Brading 10k - which had some evil hills - in 58.59 and despite my fear I was not last. Happy days.

do have one question though. I need to lose weight and fast as my joints really ache. I'm about 17lbs over my healthy BMI and dress size 14-16 now. Had hoped running would help my weight loss but nothing has moved. I know I need carbs to run but carbs are not my friend. Any advice? My weary joints can't take much more!


  • Well done on the race - excellent time for your first.

    As to losing weight - running helps - but it's your diet that plays the biggest part.

    Check out the My Fitness Pal app - you need to record everything you eat and the exercise you take. You'll be able to drop that weight in a couple of months.

    If youre unsure of portions - weigh them. You can't lose weight unless you know what you're taking on.

    You really don't need a huge amount of food to fuel your running. The body is amazingly efficient.
  • Well I've got the myfitnesspal app and it is very efficient. However I have found calorie counting to be a struggle. I was eating 1500 a day and with my running thought it would fall off. Half a pound a week if I was lucky...and it soon became demoralising image

    i appreciate there are no quick fixes but I need something that I can sustain for always and not always think about, if you know what I mean! And something quicker (forgive my impatience!).

  • Clare , well done on your 10k in a very respectable time , as Cougie says its all about monitoring what goes in, it's hard don't torture yourself have some treats , it took me 2 years to lose 4.5 stone, but you need to expect a half pound or worse " no change", these are the pounds in my humble opinion that stay off , your joints are probably just groaning cos your putting them through their pacesimage For a 10k , be careful not to use the carb loading excuse , there's good n bad carbs , and a well rounded diet is probably enough

     I was 18st 11lbs , when I started , I'm now 14.5 st , I've just completed my 3rd marathon , I'm no Mo Farah , but I love it  , slowly slowly catchy monkey (whatever that means), you will get some fabulous advice on here and if your lucky ( as I was tonight), you will get to meet some of the people posting, hope this helps image

  • Well done clare.

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭

    Well done Clare on your first race and a sub-60 minutes too!

    I echo all of the above and it is definately important to see what food you are eating (hidden fats, too much carb etc etc) but you also, quite peversely, need to make sure you are eating enough. I realise your training isn't going to need you eating 3000 calories a day but if you are eating too little your body will try and hold on to all the food you give it and will not want to give up the fat because when you are exercising it panics and thinks there are hard times up ahead so wants to hold onto fat for these "lean" times (some primeval thing i think).

    You also need to keep an eye on when you eat to make sure your body is getting what it needs. Protein to help repair, carbs to prepare etc. I am no nutritionist but I take an interest so please take what I say with this in mind and check anything.

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