Marathon and half marathon training and heel pain

Hello lovelies!!


I ve  did the Cardiff half last year and got the bug!  I now wish to complete the Cardiff half under 2 hours( as did it in 2:08 last year)  and wish to complete the Edinburgh marathon in 4:30  

Does anyone have any good training plans to share? as im looking at plans and getting confused !  Disclaimer : im a bit ditzy and my previous training as just been go out with the ipod and run for a bit.  I did attempt to go to a running club but the guy who run it scared me an awful lot image and didn't seem to be too impressed that I had no training plan as such


Any help would be grateful image



  • hi Cakie, I really believe following a training plan is the very best thing. Of course it may need tweaking to suit you. But it made all the difference to my running and feeling adequately prepared for races. If you have followed a plan you will hopefully be confident in completing the race. For my first 2 marathons I used the beginners plan from the Manchester Marathon website. People on RW also recommend Shades plan that you will find on the training forum. Good luckimage

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