I am just about to go out for a run and it’s raining.  I love running in the rain – does anyone else like to run in the rain?


  • Love it love it love it  -  my perfect running conditions are when it's slightly too cold for most people, a slight breeze (in any direction) and anything from a light drizzle to a full on downpour  -  I do most of my running on trails so puddles form really quickly and my OH hates them but I'm happy to just run straight through them.  The only thing I dislike is when it rains so hard that it gets into my eyes and floats my contact lenses around but then I just close my eyes and hope for the best!

  • I'm with you on the clown hating.

    But you can keep the rain.

  • Don't mind the rain but for me the best time is on a cold crisp Jan/Feb morning with the sun out somewhere nice, Richmond Park is always a winner for me. A bit of frost on the ground but the sun on my face - perfect!

  • I hate geting out in the rain, but really love it when I get going. It feels even better afterwards if you made the effort to go when you could have had an excuse not toimage

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I don't mind it on runs up to an hour or where I'm running at a decent pace.

    I'm not so keen on 3hr slow runs when you get soaked to the skin and freezing cold knowing you have another 2 hours to go.
  • Being a woman 'of a certain age' I never ever feel the cold these days so anything that keeps me cool is fine with me  -  I long for the roadside showers at the GNR and the lady with the hosepipe at the Freckleton half marathon is a life saver  image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    We're you not running in January or February this year, it was definitely on the chilly side.
  • I ran 8K today in the rain and it was so refreshing.  I am still recovering from Edinburgh Marathon at the moment and that was actually the first run since that I have enjoyed.  More rain tomorrow hopefully as I am hoping to go to 10K.

  • Yep  -  trying to get through the snowdrifts on the High Peak Trail  -  me in my (admittedly long sleeved) running shirt and 3/4 running shorts and my OH in his tights, longjohns, long sleeved thermal T shirt, bobble hat, gloves and fleecy body warmer... 

    Seriously though, I do have problems with keeping cool these days  -  it's the one thing that can push me into having to stop because I get nauseous and dizzy and the only race I've ever pulled out of was the White Peak half 2011 when it was 30+ degrees and I nearly passed out at 3 miles.  Not impressed.

  • I always struggle running in the heat.  My average mile pace can drop by 30 - 45 seconds during the summer.  The colder and wetter (so long as it is not blowing a gale) the better.  That said I love running in the snow too!

  • We are definitely on the same wavlength DTCH!  I'm trying to train myself to love gales too .....

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Rain's fine. 

    Or is that an oxymoron?

    Actually, I do like running in the rain.  Just need extra precautions to avoid nipple soreness.

  • It's never so cold that I won't run, and a gentle rain can be very nice.

    Not keen on torrential down-pours, though, as water tends to get in my eyes.

  • I like it, parks which can be very busy on summer evenings clear out when you get a bit of rain.  

  • I wont go out in bad weather.... I keep my gym membership up so that I can use the treadmill.  I like it to be 10-16 degrees C with intermittent cloud/sun.  (sadly we don't get much of that)

  • I would rather run outdoors in the worst of weather than run on a treadmill.  When I was training for VLM last year we had some real bad weather, ice everywhere and temps of -15.  I was forced indoors for my weekly long run - 16 miles on a treadmill.  The worst running experience of my life!

  • I can only tolerate about 1 hour on the treadmill and that's only if there's some good music channel on the TV otherwise I do get bored. 

  • I love running in the rain. There's some exhilarating about it, partly because there's a 'sensible' part of me that thinks it's crazy. Oh yeah, I'm a rebel image

    Too cold though and it feels as though my throat is spasming.

  • I hate starting a run when its raining..but don't mind if it starts after I get going...have managed to do all day races in torrential rain..but suffer most when its hot

  • I haven't backed out of a run due to bad weather yet, though perhaps thought about it once or twice when its been torrential.  To be honest I dont really mind cold or rain, but I find a heavy wind can make a run more noticeably difficult for me. Haven't got a treadmill or a gym membership, so just got to take it as it comes I suppose.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    As long as the rain is warm then I don't mind. I've had some great runs in the southern hemisphere on the tail-end of tropical cyclones.

    Rain in January or February is the absolute pits. Hypothermic.

  • It rained a bit today but I missed it. Instead i got horrid stuffy weather runing up a huge hill with sweat dripping into my eyes. No fun at all image.

    I feel you all with the heat. I was really worried my first 10k would be hot but luckily it was really cool. Think I had two sips of water all the way round loved it. 30+ is a killer

  • I'm with seren - I don't like setting off in the rain but I love rain when i'm already out. 

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    Don't like rain and I don't like the cold. I can't see the point of making myself ill just to run either. if it's too cold I'm better off staying at home. I don't even like getting the milk out of the fridge. I've even been too cold in the middle of summer running in the sun, ran through a shadey path and my body just reacted like I'd stepped into the antarctic. One odd thing is that if it starts to rain while I'm out I'm usually ok.

  • I don't like going out into the rain, but love it when it starts raining once I'm already running. 12c and light drizzle is probably about my perfect running conditions- these muggy mornings are horrible!

  • I love running in the rain, even if it's really bucketing down - most enjoyable half marathon I've ever run was in torrential rain, puddles all over the road, water running off my nose, thoroughly enjoyed the whol race.

  • I love running in the rain, even if it's really bucketing down - most enjoyable half marathon I've ever run was in torrential rain, puddles all over the road, water running off my nose, thoroughly enjoyed the whole race.

  • I'm new to running (about 2months) and so far have had nice cool conditions to run in - even when it's been sunny, but the last few muggy days I've really noticed a difference in pace and effort - it's been horrible! I'd have welcomed some rain to cool me off that's for sure!

  • There's a tipping point with rain - if it's raining just enough to cool and hydrate you, perfect.

    Beyond that it does start to feel a bit unpleasant though. The real test for me is when it starts dripping down my fringe - that's when it stops being fun.

    I was caught out in a horrendous downpour earlier in the year and it was actually quite painful. Next to no visibility, unsteady footing and really, really, really slow progress. That I could live without.

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