running after broken collar bone

Hi I wondered if anyone can help. In May this year I ran the Edinburgh marathon in 3:55. Last Saturday I was knocked off my bike. The resulting broken collarbone, concussion and cut knees has left me unable to run. Can anyone suggest any exercises/stretches/advice to get me back on track? Am already worrying about loss of fitness and gain of weight! Many thanks.


  • The gaining weight part is easiest - don't eat as much as when you were running/riding!

  • Poor you.

    FWIW - broken collarbones are very common for cyclists. Lots of times they'll be back on an indoor trainer working out that week. I'd try and do lots of bike stuff or ski machines to keep up the intensity without the impact.

    Hope their insurance compensates you for your pains !
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Have you had the collarbone set or is it being left to heal naturally?

    You'll be needing to keep the sling on for 4-5 weeks and won't be running for about 8. That was roughly my experience when I came off my bike and broke the left collarbone last November.  I've got nerve damage in the area as well though and nowhere near right even now.  The important thing will be to start physio as soon as the bone has set - wait for x-ray and clearance from your consultant - if not NHS then private.  You need to get the range of movement back.

    Long distance walking is about the best you can do for aerobic exercise (with the sling on).  I stated gentle running after about 8 weeks with my thumb in a band around my neck and have more recently progressed to a normal running action but after a few miles I have to rest the arm by crooking my thumb into the top of my vest or shirt, or with my hand on my hip.


    Good luck with it.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    I was commuting to work at the time.  I got back on my bike, as you do, and did the remaining three miles but when I got to work I realised there was a serious problem.  Very hard to change into my work clothes.  Had an X-ray, broken collarbone diagnosis, some PKs and a sling and I was back at my desk 40 minutes later.  Didn't lose a day's work, fortunately.


    Haven't been on the bike since, either.  I think two feet are better than two wheels any day!

  • Hey thanks all.

    Wilkie- I reckon the not eating as much will be a challenge to rival my marathon training!

    Cougie- not sure about insurance as don't know who knocked me off (they drove away)

    T Rex- sounds like you had it worse than me. Mine's in a sling, no nerve damage though. Reckon I'll be walking soon, though any movement feels odd at the moment. Thanks for your input and good luck with yours!

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