Training break on holiday

I've recently started running and training for my first half-marathon in October. I'm currently running about 15 miles a week over 4 runs. I have a holiday booked for one week next week. It will be hot and very hilly (I am currently running in a park which is basically flat) so I think carrying on running there as I have been isn't really an option and will possibly result in injury. However, I think a week off is a bad idea - I really don't want my legs to seize up when I start running again like they did after my first couple of runs!

So does anyone have suggestions of something that will keep my leg muscles working in a similar way and my fitness improving? There will be a swimming pool, but no gym. Someone suggested some circuit training but I'm not sure which exercises whould be best to include. Any help much appreciated.


  • Its a week off - as you say - its not a bad idea. You won't lose fitness.

    If you dont fancy running over there - then just relax.

    I'd take a few heavy days before you go though so that your body is glad of the rest.
  • I don't think that either continuing to run (early in the day to avoid the hear, not too far) or having a week off will do you any harm.

    I'd say run if you want to, don't if you don't fancy it.

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    Good advice above.

    For me, when I go on holiday and run in hilly hot climates... these are the times when I make great strides forward in my fitness.

    If you don't want to run, don't worry, but if you do it, it will do you loads of good.

  • Go for some long walks. Explore. Walk those hills you talk about. You won't harm your fitness, infact you may improve it.

  • Thanks all for the advice! Here's hoping the hills do me some good.

  • I always quite like being on holiday and finding new routes to run, part of the fun with exploring a new place. If you're by the sea then follow the coastal paths - coming from Hertfordshire it a really nice change for me! If you don't want to though then it's no big deal...a week off isn't going to ruin your fitness levels.

  • check to see if your hotel has a treadmill. most gyms in hotels are air conditioned too.

  • I love exploring and finding new places to run! Personally, I'd take my running gear and find some interesting routes (in the early morning so it's cooler and doesn't impact on the family's holiday). If I needed a break from running, I'd do that back at home.

  • A that would spoil my holiday.........I would rather do nought......

    but like others I find it a great way to explore where I am staying......I wouldn't worry abiout sticking to aschedule of speeds or distances etc.i would just go out and enjoy

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