Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

I'm a 50 something, 70 kg, 6ft, male, over pronating, midfoot striker. For years I've run in Nike equalons which  are no longer available. I run on tarmac country lanes, woodland trails and grass upto about 30 mpw.  I've tried Mizuno Inspire 9's on in the shop and they feel ok but there's nothing like getting the opinion of someone who's done a fair few miles out in the real world. So if anyone out there has an opinion on them particularly if your style and mileage is similar to mine I would love to hear from you. Thanks.


  • Very popular shoe: well, earlier editions certainly were. Some people didn't like the Wave Inspire 8, but report the 9 is a return to form. Personally, I really like my 8's, and all previous versions. No real risk, I would say.


  • Yep, a great shoe. I left nike for mizuno after a vlm expo where nike failed to bring any structure triax to sell, favouring their free range instead.  Tried on the mizunos and never gone back. 

    The ap foam seems to last forever, as does the wave plate so no worries on them packing up after 500mlies. The upper us really breathable and Comfy

    being a Japanese shoe their designed for roads first and foremost, but that sad they are fine on trails

  • For trails I run on Thames towpath, Wimbledon / Richmond common in all seasons.  not talking about  real trail running that you'd think about a change of boot. 

  • I've been through 2 pairs of Wave Inspire 8 and I'm onto my second pair of Inspire 9 now. My understanding from friends were that the 7's were a bit naff and the 8's were a return to form.

    Like you, I'm a midfoot striker and over pronate (moderately). My mileage and terrain is also similar. However I'm 95kg as opposed to your lightweight 70kg!

    All I can report is that I found the 8's to be fantastic and the 9's a definite improvement. Very light and airy, a little less room in the toe box than the 8's but overall I love them. 

    Since I started running I've been through Brooks and New Balance, with the Mizuno though I think I've found a favourite.


  • Chris - I think you are probably right about the 7's/8's/9's. Whichever it was that wasn't supposed to be as good, I used without any problems.  I have had 6 through to 8, and look forward to the 9 for my next pair, if only because they actually look different. First shoe I ever ran in, and apart from a brief dalliance with a Brooks pair (not as good), and my trusty Adidas Kanadia trail shoes, they are all I have run in. No need to change.

  • Hallam Blue - my first pair of 9's were the blue ones, certainly striking. I went for the white ones for the second pair.

    Couldn't get away with Kanadia for trail shoes, small fitting and even when I went up a size they pinched in a few places. Once again Mizuno came good with the Wave Ascend 6 and now latterly 7, fit is great for me.


  • Thanks to all for your comments they were very helpful. I am now the proud owner of a pair of Inspire 9's, and would you believe it the Sweatshop sale started today - they were reduced to £59 - Result!...

  • Damn, just got mine last week for £70. That always happens to me...


  • twas the 7s that got mixed reviews. A change in the midsole from the 6s and quite a high heel collar.   Mizuno took this on board and the 8 and 9s natural evolutions from the 6. 

    Personally I had no issue with the 7s but could see why some didnt get on with them as much. 

  • Does anyone know the cheapest place to pick up a pair of the blue 9's? Would be a great help.

  • Chris.52Chris.52 ✭✭✭

    I've gone through 3, 4, and now have three pairs of 6, two of them with over 2000 miles on them. This has encouraged me to get a pair of 9.


    Thank you.

  • I've worn Mizuno wave inspires for years. I have 4s, 5s, 6s (hated 7s) 8s. Then tried the 9s. For some reason I just found them uncomfortable. Shame, as I really liked the new colours! 

  • try online fron suttonrunner.com 


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