Being new to this garmin lark

Do they work in woods or am Ijust running much slower than I think?


  • genrally they'll work under a tree canopy - different matter if you go into a tunnel but even then you should still get continuity as long as you're not missing for too long.

    Speed up!

  • wrong answer!

    Just moved offices and theres a wood right next door- seems to be about 45 seconds a mile difference between in the wood and outside- this is beginning to sound like a sit com

  • If you're comparing fairly dense woodland with uneven tracks, changes in surface, undulations etc. to the road outside you will have a difference in actual pace I'd have thought?

    Garmins can be affected by heavy clouds and leaf coverage, I've had my start position register as about 500 yards away from where I actually was during a very cloudy day, but it soon corrected itself once I got going.

  • I don't find trees interfere with the Garmin.  

    Running off-road interferes with my pace, thoughimage

    Are you looking at the "actual pace" or the "average pace for the current lap" as you run?  The "actual pace" figure tends to wobble about all over the place, but the average should be fine.


  • not entirely sure what setting ive got on it - its not overly uneven or hilly just seems to be a really significant difference even between on grass- going to experiment next week by running a very fast mile in there and see what that does!

  • There is only one place that I get trouble with my garmin and that's where I go on a path that's about 6 ft lower than the road that's beside it which means the buildings are 6ft taller than they normally would be - I presume that's the trouble as my garmin never works there.  Other than that it works fine and i do mostly trail which is in amongst lost of trees.

  • At times running under trees I've magically found myself running at or near four minutes a mile - so either I become much better under tree cover or it really does affect my Garmin.

  • mine seems to go slow under the sky, or is it me?

  • If you get a footpod then you can have your speed data come from that instead of the GPS.

  • Some of the older GPSes are less good under trees but newer ones seem better. Watch the boot-up screen to see what is has, eg SirfStar III. It might be worth an upgrade.

    Secondly, if it is losing contact under trees, then re-establishing, and you have run anything other than a straight line in the meantime, it will appear that you are slower because the unit will interpolate a straight line between the last two points.

  • The FR10 is generally very solid with reception in woodland.

    Although that said I did a Parkrun in a country park in Huntingdon the other week, and the speed readings were all over the place.

  • Doesn't really affect it - your pace is just different.

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