first 5k race

I did the Kelvedon hatch 5K race last weekend. it was brilliant, I have never done one before.  I am almost never chosen for any athletics at school, (unless someone else is ill etc)  so have never thought of myself as a runner, but I really really enjoyed it. I came second in the 11-16 category (I am 12)  and put in a time of 22 mins. I was irritated with myself because I had to stop twice because I didn't pace myself very well. I need some advice on how to train properly as i loved the feeling of racing and would like to do some more. I didn't do any training for this race apart from some of the fitness stuff that i do at footie and i am fairly sure that is not ideal for running training. Any ideas?


  • Robert, that's amazing for a first crack. I think you have some natural talent there. You are also at the right age to start thinking a bit more seriously about training (that would have been inappropriate a few years earlier).

    your best bet is to join a running club, they are cheap as kids clubs go.

    you might have a weekly free crack at the Colchester parkrun. you'll be able to ask people there to guide you as well

    there are plans from various sources on my site but none geared specifically towards people your age.

    get comfortable with running longer SLOWER distances and then look up 5k interval training n the web. a good pair of running shoes and some way of figuring out how fast you are running/training at will also help.


    good luck! your future in running is what you make of it and even if it's not for you that much you will find it helps you enormously in many other sports.



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