Headtorch recommendations for Adidas 24 Hour Thunder Run

Hi guys,

I'm running the Adidas 24 Hour Thunder Run at the end of July and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a decent headtorch.  I've done the usual and looked at Amazon, but I'm none the wiser!  Cheers


  • Have a look at the Alpkit Gamma. Dirt cheap and really good. A load of us who run at work bought some a while back and no complaints from any of us.


  • I'll second that recommendation. I did thunder run last year  with an alpkit gamma and will be using it again this year. brilliant piece of kit that really lights up the course, just make sure you don't stare straight into it from 2 feet away, it really is bright

  • Another vote for Alpkit. I use it for running along the beach at night - really comfortable and a variety of settings - and cheap!

  • Thanks for the recommendation guys - I'll have a look at that.

    Has anyone used the Petzl Tikka XP2 before?

  • I had the old tikka. The alpkit was better and half the price.
  • I bought a Coast HL5 similar price but less features than my Alpkit but I prefer it.

    coast on sports pursuit

  • Yep - go for the Alpkit, it's all you need for TR24.

    I've upgraded to a Petzl Nao and to be honest, not sure the extra £110 was worth it - I'll still throw the Alpkit in my pack as a backup

  • Cheers for the info.  Looks like the Alpkit is the way forward!

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