Ice or Heat ?

I've been building up my mileage slowly since returning from injury and am suffering a bit with sore lower legs. I'm massaging my calf muscles and icing my shin bones which are sore to the touch. I've done a couple of races in the last 2 weeks which has made this all a bit worse. I found a can of Deep Heat which got me wondering, should I continue icing or should I use Deep Heat/Tiger Balm as well/instead ?


  • You should address the cause  image

    Some say ice for a trauma .. some say ice & heat alternate, ice massage can work well but until you know what you are dealing with you will just float around in the race/injury/recovery cycle

  • I think the cause is running!!  When I run more it hurts more, when I run less it hurts less image

    I'm hoping its just the increase thats to blame. I've been to a Podiatrist and changed my shoes which also could be part of it I guess.  I'm going to plateau with my mileage for a few weeks to see if that helps. 

  • if you get an injury and sore3ness then ice in the first 24/48 hours to reduce infammation and damage...after that then heat and massage should help

  • Ice, it's inflammation so use ice. Heat is generally used on more chronic long term pain.

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