Kent Roadrunner Marathon 2014

So who's in?

I had such a blast this year I'm already excited about 2014!  

Have you entered yet?

For more information have a look at the website

Or just drop me a post! 

Looking forward to chatting with you!!!


Amanda -tzruns



  • yep, I'm in. loved it the first year, gutted to have to defer due to a niggly calf and a certain amount of laziness this year but delighted to already be entered for next year. lucky number 22 is already secured image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    You can count me in! image Really enjoyed it this year.

  • I'm in, thanks to some very positive posts on Facebook and on here - entered the first day. It will be my first marathon in 16 years since I walked away from marathons forever!!! after the 1998 London Marathon.

    I took a 12 year break from running and decided that I would take a year to train for it - just to get round not to do any good for age times etc - just for the pleasure of running it.

  • I'm in! The good reviews did it - and the intriguing 17 lap element. Also, my parents live 5 minutes away. Tentatively looking forward to it. It'll be my second marathon

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    LondonSarah - its a great race and I never normally return to races unless they're really worth it. Love the medal, organisation and you'll be suprised how çomforting' it is to see the same people throughout the route

  • I'm in this one as well - looking forward to it!  The reviews and the pictures of the medal are what hooked me in too image

    If all goes to plan it will be my 9th marathon including one of 4 next spring (I'm trying to hit 10 marathons before I'm 30 and up to 4 so far!).  As such it will probably be quite slow as will be 1 week after the Liverpool Rock & Roll Marathon so no chance of a PB but just for fun.

    I guess it's good seeing the same people round the course and takes your mind off it being 17 laps.

  • good race

  • I've just entered this too.  It looks really good.  am a bit worried I'll forget how many laps I've done! 



  • Didn't know there was a thread for this -brilliant-  and yes, I'm in - chose it as I'll have just got into a new age category, so am hoping.....

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Claire - don't worry about it. You have bands on and if you are forgetful - just ask the tech guys. I got confused and almost did an extra loop last yearimage

  • Do any of you know if they run a relay option?  I'm running London this year so think this will be too close to that to have recovered & retrained, but sharing the distance would be good, and it's only 5 mins from home!

  • I'm in.

    Emmy recommended it a while back. I needed a race i can get to quickly around end May / Early June, thats fast. This one gets great reviews and ticks all the boxes. I'm in full training for Paris right now, so hoping to do well over there and then have a break and then keep my existing fitness on the simmer for a few races end of may - into June. 10k / marathon and a half.

    Owen, last year i had a 7 week gap between Berlin and Valencia. I performed well in both, the gap was long enough to rest, then do the "simmering training" thing, squeeze in one more 20 miler about 2 weeks before valancia and then another PB. i think you'll find London and this race are just shy of 7 weeks apart, so in my opinion you could do both. (and have a decent crack at both)


  • Hi All,

    Glad you're all getting excited about the race, we're being busy beavers with all the preparations for the KRR and the National 100k

    Have you all chosen your personal race numbers??

    If not feel free to drop me a line  -


  • whoops got cut off half way through!

    Owen - we haven't ever thought of a relay option, unfortunately we can't offer that this year but it's defiantly something to think about for 2015.

    Anyway looking forward to keeping up to date with your news.

    Any questions just drop me a post!

    Amanda - tzruns.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Amanda - lovely to see you again! Will you be running it again this year?

    Jimbob - I KNEW that i'd get you into doing moreimage Do you fancy a double with me that weekend? image

  • Thanks Emmy, no I won't be running this year. Im really looking forward to being ab.e to cheer everyone on (with slightly more breath this time)   ; 0)

    Amanda x

  • Is anyone doing the National 50k? 

    Cyclopark is going to be buzzing!

    Amanda x

  • Looking forward to this now image 

    For those who have run it before, how much of an issue is the 'hill' on each lap?


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ryan - It's more of an annoyanceimage It's not a major hill but its big enough for me (i live in Belgium... the flat bit). I think I ran the first few and then used it as my walk breakimage

  • Emmy, if you choose to walk the hill! then it must be steep.....feeling worried now!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    anniesophie wrote (see)
    Emmy, if you choose to walk the hill! then it must be steep.....feeling worried now!!

    I use any excuse image

  • On the first couple of laps the hill is nothing really. By lap 17 it appears to be vertical. Luckily it's pretty short

  • Hills??image

    Think I'll adopt the same strategy as Emmy - a few walks breaks will be useful....

  • Steve Way managed to set a national 100km record on Saturday even though he had to go up the "Hill" 48 times.

    You certainly notice it the longer the race goes on but get a nice down stretch to compensate on other side of course.

  • I actually quite liked the hill last year, it was nice for my legs to be used in a slightly different way! I, like Emmy, did walk up it though. As Keith said the National 100k was 48 laps and there were some awesome times set, including Steve Way setting a new British record! -so it cant be all that bad!!
  • There's not many of the second batch of t'shirts left. .Order quickly to make sure you'll get one! Remember you could win ??100 if tou wear it whilst racing thw KRR!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    tzruns - amanda2 wrote (see)
    There's not many of the second batch of t'shirts left. .Order quickly to make sure you'll get one! Remember you could win ??100 if tou wear it whilst racing thw KRR!

    I really want one... but I'm not sure I can justify the cost at the moment :/

  • BTW - I was talking to a friend at parkrun on Saturday (he ran this last year) and he called this hill on this course "Tourrette's Hill"......image

  • anniesophieanniesophie ✭✭✭
    My hope for GFA is becoming more and more pie in the sky!
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    Hill?  Somebody told me this race was flat.  Didn't they, Emmy....?

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