Running tops for the more portly getleman

I've had a lot of trouble recently buying running gear online. I find a lot of the gear to be cut too sheer. I have lost weight but still have that unfortunate gut. 

The chest is loose on the tops ( karimor) but my belly is exposed for all and sundry. Hence they are confinced to my closet and rugby tops are still my race gear.

Any ideas on which brands and types of tops which may make allowances for people with extra baggage?


  • I saw some Puma XXL stuff in TK Maxx the other day which looked pretty roomy - short sleeve tech tops were £9.99 and long-sleeved were £12.99.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Mizuno do some XXL size tops

  • Adidas tops are pretty generous, I find.


  • Good suggestions will take a look. 

  • Kelvin

    i think Nike XXL is your best bet, always find Adidas long in the body but tight on the chest.

  • Thanks a lot. I'll try the nkie as I want to get nike 2 in 1 dri fit shorts. camo blue is £12 at sports direct. not brave enough to buy the matching camo top though lol. Will get royal blue

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