Transition to forefoot mid-way through training plan

I've been running for around three years, heel striking but gradually moving more to mid foot landing. I have been back running since start of May after three months out with stress fracture (metatarsal).


I'm up to about 16-17 miles a week (four runs per week), increasing with the aim of a 50k in October (Royal Parks Ultra).


I'm looking to transition to forefoot as, from what little I've done, it feels a lot more smooth, comfortable, natural. BUT... Given I've got a reasonably tight training plan to make 50k at the start of October, I'm reluctant to step back in my training schedule.


In your opinion, can I incorporate this into my runs, e.g. start with the first/last mile/half mile of each run, gradually increasing the proportion of the run which is forefoot? i.e. run most of the distance mid foot, initially just a small part of it forefoot.


Aany comments appreciated - thanks!


For info, running is 50/50 road and off-road (mud, grass, river path). Run in Asics 1000s and Inov8 Trailroc 255s.


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I wouldn't reccomend it. If you are sure that's what you need to do then get the 50k out the way and then start the transition as it could take 6 months. It could take you a lot less but that's not really a gamble you want to take this near to your race.
  • Sounds risky. I have been running in Newtons for 4 months now and every time I increase distance or pace my calfs send me a complaint. 


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