Couch 2 5k ahh!

Hey there, I'm completely new to all this but I have decided to get fit and start the couch to 5k on Monday. I have bought some  shoes to try and motivate myself. Only problem is I am  a slight hypochondriac and hate the feeling of being out of breath, just worried I may not be fit enough. Does anyone else feel like this, I'm only twenty so I know I'm being silly but I don't tend to do much high impact cardio. 

Any advice, or just general beginners' running advise would be much appreciated.

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  • Stick with it. The fitness gain you will get as a beginner are the greatest you will ever get.  Once you have finished the plan you will be able to run half an hour or so without stopping, which will feel fantastic. You might feel out of breath now,  but frankly there are two ways to sort that- do nothing, or get fit. You choose! 

  • Barkley, unfortunatly there is no way around the getting out of breath bit! Like Hallam says, just keep with it. You've got a big task ahead of you and it'll take dedication getting there but once you've done it and put in the hours you'll feel great. So advice? Follow the plan to the letter...that's about it!

  • When I started I was very unfit, but to be honest I was then very surprised that being out of breath is not really a big deal as I had anticipated.  You will get a little bit out of breath, but the runs are only very short to start with so you get that walking break to recover and then you get to run again.  If you find its too difficult then you might be running too fast so simply slow it down a bit.  Speed will come over time so at first just worry about running for the given time, the actual distance you are covering is pretty irrelevant as a beginner.  I really didnt worry about the actual distances I was running until after I had completed the C52K.  (I then mapped out 5k & timed myself over that distance, turned out I wasn't anywhere near running 5k in 30mins, but it didnt matter one bit, and then I had something new to work on!)

    The whole point of the C25K is to build you up into running and not just throwing you in at the deep end so take it as easy as you have too.  If you find you have to repeat a week then dont worry about it, you will still get to that final goal of being able to run for 30 minutes non stop quite soon.  Good luck. image

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    SimonH wrote (see)

    If you find its too difficult then you might be running too fast so simply slow it down a bit.  Speed will come over time so at first just worry about running for the given time


    Don't treat the run sections like an Olympic sprint.  At this point, it's just about upping the speed from your walking pace, and getting used to running.  As Simon said, you will get faster over time.  Good luck.image



  • Just completed the 0-5k and its fantastic have an app that is both brilliant aid. 

    When I started couldn't run 150 meters without begging for the walking iinterval.. gasping for air. 5 weeks later I am running the 5k with steady breathing but hard enough to feel I've achieved something.

    Stick it out it really does work. 





    Laura x

  • Get out there and stop messing around hehehe.

    That comment is not meant to be mean, but to encourage.

    If you are 20 and worried about exercise, imagine what you will be like when you are 40 or 60?

    Get fit now, you should be in your prime right now.

    The good point is you have highlighted it and know yourself you need to get fit. That is step one.

    Step two is now to follow your head and get running.

    Take your time in it, enjoy and in 6 months you will wonder what all the fuss was.

    Good luck.

  • Right, this is basically a thanks for all encouragment I recieved a few weeks back. The past few days I have really noticed a difference in my fitness, Today I actually thought the running machine was broken as it was much easier than ususal! It's amazing how quickly your fitness can improve - my mind is boggled! And I don't feel like I'm going to have a heart attack anymore so that's a plusimage haha. 

    So thanks again, should have made the effort ages ago!

    Rach (running convert)


  • Well done Rach image

  • Well done image  Where are you from? A lot of clubs are running C25K currently - a bit of company can't hurt

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