Tight leg muscles & massage

I've been advised my leg muscles are tight as a consequence of all the running I'm doing; stretching exercises don't seem to be making much difference - is sports massage worth a go?


  • Meh. I've had tight legs for years.

    I do a bit of stretching but my legs really don't bother me. I never get any injuries. I'm of the opinion - if its not broke - don't fix it.
  • Normally it wouldn' bother me either.  However, I'm running a 50 mile race for the first time in Sept and am concerned about cramps - last thing I want is pulling up lame. Tight muscles associated with cramps?

  • In my experience its more to do with losing salt in hot conditions. That's the only time I've cramped. Once.

    Good luck with the 50 miler though.

    Nutter. image
  • I've only had cramps when I have been obviously dehydrated so I dont think massages will help with that.

    Like cougie I've never botherd with massages

  • I use a foam roller - £15 on ebay.

  • Yeah second that, I bought a fancy super duper one for £30 because I'm a mug like that.  

    I don't know what it does any different to a £15 roller but it definately helps!

  • Foam roller as that can aid removing any adhesions in the muscle and fascia tissue, a deep tissue massage will help but will hurt. Also try PNF stretching it is more effective than static stretching!

  • I'm jumping on the foam roller band wagon! 

    Totally amazing when you get it right image

  • Also on the foam roller band wagon here.  Sports physio recommended it as I'm recovering from injury - I hated it at first because it hurt so much.  Now it even goes on holiday with me image

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