Has anyone experianced this whilst running?

Hello all!

i have been running now for 3 years but im ex army so ran lots in that time. I recently ran the Lisburn half marathon aiming to get around 1.50 but for some reason it was the most hellish run of my life! I completed it in 2.27 which i am ashamed by to be honest, however i could barely walk by the end of it infact my friend who was cheering me on at the finish line said i was white as a sheet i know within myself i couldnt have done anymore at the time.

Basicly im just trying to get a idea to prevent what happened for my next long run i was going great for the first 5 miles easy 9 min miles not even breaking a sweat then i lost all feelign in my right foot just after mile 5 which was wierd. By the half way point i had 0 energy infact i thought i was going to be sick for the rest of the run. i trained fairly well 3 weeks before i did 16 miles in 2.20. Am i just unfit? i dont get what happened on this run


Any advice would be appreciated




  • Does that sound like unfit to you ? It doesn't to me.

    You recovered ok after the race ?

    I think you need a check up from your gp.
  • Was it a hot day? Did you eat something different that day (Or did you not eat)?

  • Yea it was really hot actually maybe that was the reason i was feeling a bit rough earlier in the day and didnt eat a huge amount some porridge and two bits of wholemeal toast but the night before ate lots of carbs etc for the run.

  • It's nothing to do with your fitness.

    If the race and the next long run were in the space of a short time you might have been suffering from a virus or something.

    As Cougie suggests though, it might be worth seeing your GP.

  • Sounds like a combination of things; under the weather already, lack of food/drink, very hot day.... Not going to end well. Running in the heat makes me feel terrible every time!

  • I ran the Lisbon half and was so ashamed with my time too! I put it down to the weather and not being able to train my body for running in that type of climate.
  • The Irish climate ?
  • Bwhahaha! Skimmed over the text and thought Lisbon... Faceplant!
  • Facepalm? image

  • Good Lord! What is wrong with me tonight! I actually deserve to be faceplanting the concrete now!!
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  • Shane I ran Lisburn it was a brutal hilly course and my worst half to date don't let it put you off , more likely the heat, dehydration not enough fuel on the day and perhaps eating all those carbs the whole day before, doubt it's your fitness,you finished didn't you ??, get back on the horse and sign up for another, waterside in sept is billiard table flat a great PB course , check out some HM plans and get some hills and speed work into your training that's my downfall image the pins and needles I would get checked out but also look at footwear and socks on the night cos it was meltin out there, hope this helps, keep it up image

  • Shane, are you sure your shoe laces weren't too tight? That's a common cause of pins and needles. Alternatively do as advised above and see your GP. I suffer regularly from this condition in both hands and my right calf, my physio says it's coming from a trapped nerve. I also take vitamin B12 tablets as a B12 deficiency is also blamed for this malady.

  • Didn't realise it got that warm in N.I.!

  • Hey guys thanks for the replys! it doesnt normally get that warm over here i think thats probably why i suffered a bit im used to running in the cold:] it was a very hilly run and thinking about it my training didnt include enough hills i think i will get a check up from the Dr's just incase but thank you all for the advise.


    im tempted to run the newtonards half marathon this friday so i will see if my time improves

  • Haha, Shane it's supposed to be hillier than Lisburn image

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