Best replacement for womens Asics GT 2160 stability runners?

Hi there - over the past couple of years or so I have had about 4 pairs of Asics GT 2160s.  When I had my orthotics made, my physio recommended them as ideal stability shoes, particularly due to the less flexible sole and all round general support.

And they have been fantastic every time.  Well to cut a long sort short I cannot find a pair anywhere now!  I have Googled, scoured Ebay, looked everywhere I can think of.  I know Asics stopped making them but seems they are out of my size anywhere on the planet.

Anyhow i heard that Asics have since updated the GT 2160 and introduced the GT 2170.  but from reading internet reviews and forums, they do not seem a very good replacement.

Is that the general view?  does anyone have any good things to say about the GT 2170?

and if not what is the best alternative to the GT 2160, Asics or otherwise?  My current pair are almost threadbare as I can't bear to let them go but they are now about to fall apart and I have to find somethning.

Thaks in advance for your tips & advice image


  • I also had several pairs of 2160 and loved them - have missed out 2170 and gone for GT 2000 - and although the toebox is not quite as generous,  have found them to be a good replacement for the 2160.

  • Hi Annabel, some available on Amazon UK, generally up to a 5 so a bit limited but I didn't check all the listings so may be worth a look.

  • thanks both - i need a US size 10 (UK 8), seem to be a popular size and can't find anywhere.  will keep looking, thanks for your advice

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    I've been on the GT 21xx series including 2160 and 2170. The 2170 may be a little narrower but OK so far. I've also tried Gel Kayano, which could be an alternative but a little pricier. I've recently tried men's Gel Kayano as I have very wide feet as well as needing stability.

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