Bra Burn!

OK, not Bra Burn, but showed a friend of mine the 3" 'cut' in the centre of my chest where my HRM has dug into me. She (sort of) laughed and said 'we girls call it Bra burn'

I had a mark there a few days ago and (in hindsight) stupidly loosened my HRM strap a little and this apparently made matters worse - Bra burn (I'm told) is caused by a loose fitting Bra.

Hurts like feck, especially when I sweat and gonna wear the HRM a little higher on my chest and tighter in future. Any top tips to cure this quickly?


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    Went out today for a 16 miler (HRM worn high) and was stopped by a walker at 8 miles asking "are you alright?" My dayglo yellow jacket was red with blood and hadn't noticed. Was the old 'wound' that had opened again. So much for the 'super' soft Garmin HRM.

  • why wear it? run without and it will heal up nicely

  • ah, am HADDing at the moment so need to wear it, and it still works higher up image But yes, if it doesn't heal up soon will go a week or so without. 

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    Andi, as a long term solution you might want to consider a different model chest strap.  I used to have exactly the same problem with my Garmin 610 strap, but replaced it with the Polar soft strap, which is compatible with the detachable HRM unit, if that's what you've got?  Much more comfortable, and I find it more reliable for accurate HR readings as well. 

    ...well I did, till I recently left it in a pub toilet.  D'oh!

  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    ...well I did, till I recently left it in a pub toilet.  D'oh!

    The mind boggles. Pub toilet, max heart rate test and Careless Whispers image

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    image  This is an outrage! 

  • lol and top tip Phil, have switched to my olde HRM (ie, not the supersoft premium model but an older one).

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