Suunto Ambit 2 and Movescount

Hi All,


I have recently purchased a Sunnto Ambit 2 and I am very pleased thus far.


I was wondering though if anyone can tell me the the R-R value relates to on the Movescount software. I thought it was respiration rate but the value is measured in ms and my average is ca. 350ms. What is this and what value should one be expecting to achieve?


Also does anyone know how to add multiple tags to training sessions. the Tour section and FAQs say you can but i for the life of me can't work it out.


Any other tips and tricks would be gratefully received.


Happy running


  • I think it refers to recovery rate.

  • Hi con, thanks for you post

    . I'm not sure it's that as the measure is in 'ms' which I think is milliseconds. I think it may be the time between heartbeats, as the number gets smaller the harder I exercise. 

  • R-R with suunto usually refers to the time between R waves in your heart beat intervals (think of the peaks on an ECG).

  • Hi

    Suunto R-R is the time interval between heartbeats. If you want more info have at look at page 46 of the Suunto Running Guide (aimed at T6, but same applies to Amibit)

  • Multiple tags - I use a comma

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