Newbie advice for ankle pain


I'm new to running having been a swimmer for a few years.  I'm really enjoying it so far and it gives a really dfferent buzz to swimming!  I've only been at it for a couple of weeks and I'm experiencing some ankle discomfort. I'm aware that although I'm not out of shape I haven't actually done much that involves running for quite a long time, so I'm trying to be sensible and not overdo it.  I do more or less do have to run on tarmac, and I've diagnosed myself as an over-pronater so I've a second pair of Asics on the way to help with that.  I'm also wearing ankle supports and making sure I warm up / cool dpwn properly.  Can I assume that in time my body will adjust and strengthen and the ankle discomfort will fade?  Is there anything else I should do to make sure I don't cause myself any problems?




  • If your ankle pain is lateral, which is usually the case, I'd recommend strengthening your peroneal muscles. You can also do some balance work on bosu balls, balance pads etc to improve your ankle proprioception. These will make your ankle more stable.

  • Ta.  I think it is lateral, a 'line' over and above the bump of the ankle.  I guess the lower leg muscles that support weight are being challanged at the moment, I really haven't done any weight bearing acivity recently (only swimming, cycling etc) so that seems natural enough.  Just wanted to check it wasn't a sign of something that I can't adjust to (overpronation aside).   

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