New asics, does this seem a reasonable change?

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So my faithful Asics 2170 trainers are getting a bit old.

i've got another couple of months but whilst I actually have a few pennies I'm looking at replacements.

looking at the Kayano 19 as  they seem to be available for under £90 for the spring colours (no I don't care what colour they are).

Has anyone tried a similar change and if so did it to well? 


  • Gt2000 all minimalist. kayanos now the natural evolution, and sprng summer colour way is hot pink, so you're in luck. 

  • Booktrunk,

    I found this review useful:

    I'm looking to replace the last pairs of 1170s I am running in, and the natural choice would be GT1000 for me,;GT2000 for you based on our current shoes.

    However, Kayanos pricked my attention yesterday as I saw some for £88. I thought they may have too much support for me, but they had been recommended by Asics (at full priceimage) when I had a gait assessment recently (yes they recomended the most expensive shoe!!) , and the review reckons they have reduced the support in them (hence the low score).

    So they could be a good shoe for me for the long runs as I need fairly low support, but runningshoe guru rates the GT2000 really highly if you need the support.

    I have tried them in the Asics store but was not prepared to pay £140, given that the 1170s cost me £40 last time. It did feel like a nice shoe. I have gone over 100 miles this week and really don't want to be spending £140 a month in the futureimage

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    Yes I read the same reviews and was also looking at paying less than £90 for the Kayano 19 so that was why I was thinking in these terms.

    Also ran, bloody hell 100 in a week!!! I have one 50m ultra and one marathon planned at the moment for the rest of they year, so one more pair of trainers will get me through to Xmas again.

    Generally it seems that this is a reasonable way to go as long as I don't mind parting with my hard earnt money.  image

  • I tried the Kayano 18 as a replacement for my 2170s and there was a marked reduction in the amount of support. GT-2000s are no good in my experience, either. I'm trying out Brooks GTS this week and will let you know if they are a decent replacement. The 21XX series were superb! RIP. 

  • I bit the bullet and ordered the Kayano 19's. I'll give them a go the see how this 'flagship' model works out for Long Runs. I'll wait on the GT1000s coming down further as I can still see these being my everyday running shoe.

    I get the feeling I am as much a connoisseur of running shoes as I am of wine (i,e, not at all - I can tell the difference between red and white). Reading reviews makes me laugh as I wouldn't know a medial post system from a Space Trusstic Shank

    Booktrunk, this weeks mileage was more of an 'experiment' than my usual mileage - back down to sensible mileage from tomorrow image

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